Viva Global Capitalism!

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A long-awaited freelance check arrived at the beginning of this week, and I’ve been able to indulge more heavily than usual. Among my purchases are the following: the two SweetS items were from YesAsia and were waiting for me when I got home today, while the dream and Matsuken Samba III were from a visit to the local Hakubundo.

The SweetS stuff was on my must-have list for a while, but I kept putting them off; my copy of their new album should be arriving soon enough, I had it on the same split order. I’d downloaded and watched Wings of My Heart a while ago, but it’s nice to have the real DVD (and hope I put a little extra money in the girls’ pockets). The photobook is pretty cool, though now I’m thinking of getting the Berryz photobooks as well…

The Hakubundo goods came packed with tons of extra goodies. For example, the Matsuken Samba III CD single came with a coaster and a lenticular cell phone thingie that can also clean the screen. I put it on my Nintendo DS.

The dream CD is the motherlode of extra goodies, though. It’s a couple years old and was on sale, but features a desktop school calendar, trading card, booklet, and a DVD on the making of the “Music Is My Thing” PV… Oh, and a CD, too.

Here’s a shot of the calendar when it’s opened up. The good news is, I think I’ll finally be able to sort out who’s who from the second gen…


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2 Responses to “Viva Global Capitalism!”
  1. Suika says:

    Not only do you have Matsuken III before me, but you got free MATSUKEN GOODIES with it as well? I bite my thumb at you in a jealousy!

  2. Suika

    Yeah, I wipe and wipe with Matsuken every day…