Torturing Myself Over Zone…

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I’m beginning to remember how it felt to go through the worst breakup I’ve ever experienced, the one that got me into therapy a few years back. Mostly because I’m missing Zone again and there’s that desperate, hungry need to hear from them just one more time, a helplessness where I know it’s over but please please please let me just know how you’re doing and I won’t bother you ever again I swear to God just please pick up the phone and acknowledge I exist.

You know. That kind of feeling.

For starters, their calendar is still up on my wall. Still got the rest of the year to look at them – Tomoka this month, and Mizuho for November and December. If Zone had a calendar for 2006, I’d get that; as it is, I’ll probably be opting for Berryz for the new year.

And then there’s the news about Kouhaku and "Love Machine" placing at the top of their viewer’s poll. At #20 on the same poll is "Secret Base" and it harbored the possibility that Zone – or at least some of the members – would reunite for this year’s Kouhaku. It’d be quite an honor, after all. I began thinking: a Miyu / Maiko / Tomoka set with acoustic guitars would be perfect…

Then I remembered – Miyu’s supposed to have a solo career, right? And it’d be nice just to see her again. Even if it’s the sub-par R&B of her first two singles, it’d be nice to see her again. And Miyu’s my least favorite Zone member – though that still places her above most all of Hello! Project, actually…

Then another bit of news: I looked up their wiki.theppn entry and found an intriguing sentence: "Maiko is starting a new band." A quick look at Runtime’s homepage bore no information on this, but did offer up an intriguing new girl group, Zaq, who just released their first single. (I also found it odd that the three groups listed on Runtime’s site all use a "z" in their name, the last being Bon’z.)

I know Zone broke up. I’m still holding out for some kind of reunion down the road, though I’m sure it won’t be like old times. But a final Kouhaku appearance would be great! Or a new Miyu solo single. Or Maiko’s new band, which should include Tomoka. Because the one I really want to see again is Tomoka. Out of all of them, she got the rawest deal and developed the most in such a short span of time.

Anyway, I’m just keeping my fingers crossed until the Kouhaku line-up is declared. I’m not getting my hopes up, just holding out for a minor miracle. Which, okay, is getting my hopes up.

But still.


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7 Responses to “Torturing Myself Over Zone…”
  1. Chris~ says:

    I’m not into Zone at all (well ok, yet, I haven’t really given them a chance)… but today I was watching some old clips and saw this clip (I think this particular one is from 02.3.28 – or atleast so it saids in the upper-right corner) where Zone is on Utaban and they stand inside this plexiglass and spin an “electric wheel” (they push a button and waits for the electric wheel to stop)… and the member in the ninja-like costume (black, very covering) first get soaked in water and then get a couple loads of flour (or something similar, white dusty powderish) over her.
    Fun, play, and a bit of humiliation (oh, and let’s not forget the cute girls that are part of it!) sure makes good TV.

  2. Chris~ says:

    The 2nd time I read the title of this article I misread it like “Touching Myself Over Zone”.

  3. Sabaku Ika says:

    I miss Zone too, but I know that torture is not what Zone would want if it were alive today. Remember Zone happily. It is in a better place now.

  4. eyn says:

    Ha, I’m a rather new ZONE fans. I started to know about them after they disbanded, thanks to one of my blog writer, spellcheck, who wrote a biography and album review of them that got me interested. I think they are a really cool band and I can’t imagine how does it feels like if you are a fan and they suddenly announce that they are going to disband. That will never happen to me now that they have already disbanded, I just have to say it’s a pity they’re gone.

    My favourite ZONE member is probably MIZUHO, I think she’s the prettiest, and also one of the most active member in the band. MIYU is pretty cool too, she’s very cute and her vocal rocks! Sorry to say this but TOMOKA is probably my least favourite member of ZONE. :p Maybe it’s because she’s not there when ZONE first started, well that’s just me.

  5. CJ Marsicano says:

    I can emphathize with you, ’cause I miss Whiteberry just as much as you miss ZONE. 😉

  6. Ty says:

    ZONE will always be alive through their fans, me included, to be honest Sutsugyou is my all time favorite track mainly because i can’t get over that fact that my wife to be and baby mama Tomoka is so amazing vocally, instrumentally ( guitar and piano ), and did I mention she’s my favorite of the four, if you don’t feel that way than you should definitely check out Zone in Budokan the DVD. My eyes got a little teary but you can definitely see that they were feeling down as well but still put on such a great lineup of 26 tracks. ZONE will forever be my fav bandol, unless they reunite for Zone two, I’m willing top pay the asking price for the reunion, new album, a tour, studio time all the marbles just to see them again. Did I mention Tomoka Nishimura is my favorite. I can’t believe she’s gone Let us all pray…………for a comeback.

  7. Chris:

    “Touching Myself Over Zone”? Well, now that you mention it…

    Sabaku Ika:

    But look! Maiko’s back! Maiko’s back! So torturing myself was worth it!


    Part of why I like Tomoka so much is that I got into the group just about the time she joined, so it was fun to see her develop with the band. Also, she’s got a killer smile – but then, they all do.


    I hear about Whiteberry now and again. Anything by them you’d care to recommend, if I’m ever in an adventurous mood?


    Wait, who’s your favorite member of Zone? I didn’t quite catch that.

    Seriously, though, my favorite part of Zone Clips 3 is when Tomoka is bawling after they finish making the “Egao Biyori” PV, it’s so heartbreaking and adorable at once. And like you, I’m hoping she’ll come back soon. (Actually, I was hoping she’d be in Maiko’s band…)