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With my birthday looming near, I again have the strong urge to write a story that’s been in my head for several years now. It involves art, Waikiki, and something best not discussed in polite company. It was going to be a novel at first, then I realized a few years back I didn’t care about writing novels and decided it’d be a hypertext. That said, I always get structures in place for a hypertext project but never get around to writing the actual content… which makes it kind of useless except as a thought exercise.

So today I’ve been playing with a very basic random text generator script, trying to see if my long-brewing story would work in it….


Except I didn’t really feel like writing that story this afternoon. Sitting at the International Marketplace’s Food Court in Waikiki, I had some pages in my brand-new notebook filled with random notions, but nothing really grabbed me. The story felt dead in its tracks.

So instead, using the random text generator script, I found myself thinking about a Random Hello! Project Unit Generator. What the hell, there are times it seems Tsunku uses such a thing anyway, right?

This excited me. This struck me as fun.

So I’ve spent the evening messing with this idea, and the results can be found here. I’ll also be linking to it with the menu on the top of most pages.

As with any hypertext project, a main concern is making sure the hypertext is robust enough to reward repeated re-readings. In this case, will hitting the reset button a few times still provide something edifying – or at least amusing – for the H!P fan? I hope so. I’ll be tinkering with it some more over the next few days, I’m sure, but what I’ve got now is amusing enough. 

As for that story I mentioned in the beginning? It can wait a while longer. It always can wait a while longer. 



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3 Responses to “The Hello! Project Unit Generator”
  1. santos26 says:

    Really interesting script xD
    I could find tons of attractive groups with varied characters H!P units!! But it is also true that I had to reload for several times to reach a really intriguing group. Simple random-access may not a part of ‘H!P-ness’ or ‘Tsunkuness’. There must be several hidden meanings in each H!P groups lol.

  2. Alice says:

    That’s hiliarious.

  3. Chris~ says:

    Hah, this was fun.
    Though really I wish you’d write that big American novel soon 🙂