Sunday Blog Roundup: crs Returns to Blogging!

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Wow, crs is back to blogging on undoing the mercator projection – and in a big way. Using BoA’s career, she explores the difference between Korean / U.S. views on talent and Japanese views. Ultimately, she addresses the question of what criteria Japanese music should be judged by, and what that means for criticism / analysis. The blog entry is long and involved, but it’s written with crs’s usual razor-sharp intellect and flair for telling witticisms. Once again, I’d deem this mandatory reading – she’s asking tough questions that anyone writing critically about Jpop could benefit from. And if I get a chance this week, I’ll try to address some of her questions on my own terms…

She’s not the only one asking big questions this week, either. At, there’s some musing on the value of philosophy as a college major.  Wapiko of Musings of a Fangirl asks, "What’s in an age?" and considers how one of Zwei (or ein of Zwei?) fibbed about her age to appear younger. And on a sort of thematic opposite, Santos of Idolizing St. Anna watches the new Berryz Koubo concert DVD and considers why they may be the best group on Hello! Project’s current roster – part of it being their youthfulness. He also discusses how Haruna is currently the most popular name for Japanese baby girls – though certainly, that doesn’t make the perfect idol of SweetS any less unique.

Renzeta at Sagaliminal does a very nice screencap summary of Matsuura Aya’s recent visit to Music Fighter, with the best part watching a host try not to make a fool of himself over Ayaya… and failing miserably. At musicrakuen, some observations on Hello! Project’s new Korean website and what it may mean for overseas fans. There’s been some new posts at J-Pop CD Cover Art, including these scans of Natsumi Abe’s Koi no Hana.

And we’ve got a couple of weary travelers in the Jpop blogosphere. At breadready, Phil describes his trip to the Manifest convention in Melbourne, with plenty of pictures of the goodies he picked up. At I’m bad at naming things, Jarret describes a trip to Tokyo.

What else… go at jrocknyc gives a screencap summary of the last episode of season one of Heavy Metal San, and hopefully there’ll be a second season – at least for more Kumada Yoko. And Thea of Made in Paradise has made a separate AAA fan site, proving herself a diehard fan of the group

Outside my usual Jpop blogosphere haunts, somebody named exillion posted his Top 10 Dream Dates / Girls, filled to the brim with Jpop idols. And at the less-than-encouragingly named "jus needed the blog fer template codes..", someone realized her sensei looks like Yaguchi Mari and posted pictures of Yagu – but not her sensei, so we don’t know if the resemblance is really there…