Sunday Blog Roundup: Seed’s Obvious Roots, SweetS’ New PV, DEF. DIVA’s #1

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It’s been a great week in the Jpop blogosphere, with an interesting range of news and perspectives.  

Santos of Idolizing St. Anna continues to break news and make interesting observations, as he looks at the PV of Kyushu idol group Seed and finds it strikingly… familiar. I’m actually intrigued and want to see more of this. Santos also looked at the new SweetS PV, as does Thea of Made in Paradise. (My own assessment will be in a few days, I’m just waiting to see if I’ll change my mind and decide the song isn’t bland and anemic.) Now a dedicated fan, Santos got to see 3-nin SweetS live and wave at them – and they waved back! Meanwhile, Thea provides a rather succinct review of the cover to Hinoi Team’s upcoming singles: "If Koriki’s not there, it wouldn’t have looked retarded." She also goes on to wonder, "Are they gonna keep on with this ‘sexy’ image? :S I’m bothered lol. They are 13-14." Yeah… well… you all know my take on that subject.

H!P supergroup DEF. DIVA earned the #1 position on the Oricon weekly charts – but is the lowest-selling single to ever do so, as musicrakuen, Idolizing St. Anna and ikimasshoi all note. Mark at ikimasshoi editorializes on the state of H!P and finds the new Morning Musume single enjoyable, while Suika of Melon Pop! does her usual great analysis with a review of the first full album by Biyuden (I call them Viyuden). The best line from the piece:

"Suite Room Number 1", as the title suggests, is a uniquely themed release with the concept that the three girls are enjoying a hotel stay, in apparently luxurious accommodations no less, the kind poor neglected Melon Kinenbi can only dream about.

In better H!P news, Miki of Miki’s Sorcery provides a wonderful quote from Fujimoto Miki then backs it up with an audio clip. If it’s true, maybe Ayaya will set aside that w-inds guy and be happy with Mikitty…

In Asian Sex Gazette, there’s a profile on my favorite Korean girl group, Lady. I’d been wondering what they’d been up to, it’s nice to hear about them again. Cute Cosplay Angels features photos of Sweet Kiss, the idol trio featuring Irie Saaya. And of course, Santos continues to provide coverage on the 11-year-old F-cup front, with news of Saaya starring in various movies here and here.

Go of jrocknyc gives us a peek at the familiar logo of a new Japanese bank as well as a lovely cat-costume photo of Kumada Yoko. He also covers a surprisingly short performance of Despairs Ray during their U.S. tour, which is funny since usually I’m reading about folks in America discussing music stuff in Japan and not the other way around. Jarret of I’m bad at naming things eagerly awaits Sambomaster’s latest release. Over at J-pop CD Cover Art, HANABI.1984 provides a trio of thoughtful faces: recent BoA, early Hamasaki Ayumi, and more recent Ayu.

On the jdorama front, it seems to be old news all around, as Renzeta of Sagaliminal discovers Densha Otoko while Akiramike of HampsapSukebe notes the JTV release of Ace wo Narae episodes 3 and 4 – complete with a photo of the always-lovely Ueto Aya, down on all fours. More upskirt shots, Akiramike! More!

And while not a blog, let’s welcome – the first English-language Koharu Kusumi fansite! (At least, that’s how it bills itself.)


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2 Responses to “Sunday Blog Roundup: Seed’s Obvious Roots, SweetS’ New PV, DEF. DIVA’s #1”
  1. Thea says:

    lol you have to ignore my opinion about sexy images sometimes. i’m a conservative girl after all =P XD

    oh i like what you did in your blog. the SweetS caps are awesome 😀

  2. Thea:

    Don’t apologize for being the voice of reason!

    And yeah, I like the one-PV screencap approach… I may try it again next time I change.