Sunday Blog Roundup: Kouhaku and “Love Machine” Together Again, SweetS’ New Album, Saaya Back in a Bikini

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The big blog post for me this week is from ikimasshoi, news that "Love Machine" is topping an audience vote for this year’s Kouhaku. My faith in humanity is restored. It would be even better news if the original "Love Machine" era line-up – or at least the line-up from that time still working for H!P did the performance, perhaps with fourth gen.

A bunch of folks assess the new SweetS album 5 Elements, including Santos of Idolizing St. Anna, hideki of amai desu, and Thea of Made in Paradise. (My copy should be arriving any day now…) Santos also has news of Irie Saaya’s return to posing in bikinis – ahh, the mix of emotions that stirs in me. I guess it’s like Pacino in Godfather Part III – just when she thinks she’s out, they drrrag her back into a pink bikini.

And based on the DVD cover of her in a new pink bikini, I may cave in and get it. My descent to hell grows more slippery…And for further greasing up, there’s a really nice schoolgirl cosplay set of a cutie named Sawajiri Erika on Sexy Cosplay Angels.

Over at breadyready, Phil provides some thoughts on the Hello! Project 2005 Natsu no Kayou Show DVD as well as a nice screencap review of the skit from the September 25 Hello! Morning. It could just be me, but Tsuji looks hot in that conductor’s outfit.

Go of jrocknyc looks at a couple of PVs by a group named D, their most recent one and an older one he considers "one of the best indie vids of all time". Go also provides a news bit about dinsoaru rockers Status Quo bemoaning the lack of group masturbation in modern music… Over at HamsapSukebe, Akiramike has found a new Jdorama he considers one of the best written, Amai Seikatsu.

And last but not least, crs of undoing the mercator projection gave her Top 10 summer songs, prompting me to do the same. Who else has a list? Consider it a run-off to the Top 10 of 2005 list that many of us will be providing come the start of the New Year!


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5 Responses to “Sunday Blog Roundup: Kouhaku and “Love Machine” Together Again, SweetS’ New Album, Saaya Back in a Bikini”
  1. Phil says:

    “It could just be me, but Tsuji looks hot in that conductor’s outfit.” You ain’t the only one!

    I think Skyhooks said it best:

    Khaki navy blue and brass buttons bring me to my knees
    A peaked cap and a badge or two oooh they’re such a tease
    So girls if the man you need just won’t come across
    Put on a uniform show him who’s the boss

  2. Phil:

    Great poem! More than that, though, Tsuji seems to have stealthily made herself one of (if not the most) sexy member of the current H!P line-up. The only other contenders would be… um…

    How about that. She IS the sexiest member of the current H!P line-up.

  3. Phil says:


    Actually Skyhooks was an Australian rock band from the 70s. Do check out their music if you’re able!

    Tsuji is looking rather good – her stint in W’s latest PV is another prime example. Just for kicks, I’ve uploaded some screen-captures of her from the latest “Maido Arii!”; the quality’s not so great but then I don’t have access to HDTV versions of H!M episodes so I do what I can.

  4. Alice says:

    Did you see the SuperLive Morning Musume with Friends concert? They had all of the graduated members of Morning Musume (minus Yaguchi) who are still active in H!P perform Love Machine which I thought was both cool and totally ironic.

  5. CJ Marsicano says:

    Nono does look hot in that conductor’s outfit. Then again, her and Aibon both look hot in the Miss Love Tantei video. 🙂