Maiko’s New Band Announced: Maria

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Got the news from Idolizing St. Anna but of course I have to make note of it here. Zone’s Maiko has finally announced her new band, its name is Maria, and the first single will debut in February of next year! I don’t have much to add, maybe I’ll get my wife to translate the information tomorrow, but their website is and of course there’s a listing on Runtime’s site.

Some random observations:

Like Zone, Maria is signed up with Sony, so that’s a very good sign. 

According to Santos, the group will feature twin vocals, twin guitars, twin bass players (?). Since Maiko will be handling vocals and bass, perhaps one of the girls will be a drummer? 

Maiko’s apparently let her hair grow out, and it’s a different look that suits her well. She looks more mature now, which is probably the point. And God, her overbite’s sexy as ever.

The third girl from the left, the one in the white top with pink frills, looks real cute. I’m just saying, is all.

I don’t expect Maria to be the new Zone or a Zone replacement. I do hope Maria will be a solid rock group, or bandol, or however they wish to market themselves. And it’d be nice if they did a photobook or two early on.

All that said, I still think it’d be great if Zone will re-unite to perform "Secret Base" at Kouhaku this year. And I’m now excited all over again at the prospect of a new Miyu single, if ever she gets around to it. And it’d be great if Tomoka will get a deal of her own, completing a possible Zone diaspora (since both Takayo and Mizuho left Zone to pursue other interests).

I’m over-reaching again, aren’t I? Well, I’m happy as it stands. Maiko will return to the spotlight, so the world is a brighter, more wonderful place.


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8 Responses to “Maiko’s New Band Announced: Maria”
  1. eyn says:

    According to the Studio Runtime site for MARIA, TATTSU will be the drummer for the band.

    MAIKO’s new image is quite different from her ZONE days and I’m not sure I prefer her curly hairstyle or not. Anyway, I’m glad to see ZONE members coming back, even in a different band. I’ll be looking forward to see how their music sounds compare to ZONE. 🙂

  2. Jarret says:

    Two bass guitars? That’s a bit risky. Bass chords could be make, adding a new dimension to their music, but the lower frequencies could be muddled by the prescence of two deep instruments. This can be manipulated through engineering, so I’m sure that it won’t sound bad on record, but live might pose a problem. I suppose, though, they could also have the bass section at a much lower volume than the other sections.

    I never followed ZONE, so I don’t know who Maiko is. I’m sure they’ll be popular though, because I haven’t seen any ZONE clones around.

  3. Jarret says:

    “Bass chords could be made”, I meant.

  4. niji says:

    The angle of the shot doesn’t quite flatter Maiko — it makes her cheeks look puffier than usual. Anyway, I’m surprised that Ray didn’t explore how Maiko is the only member of the group gazing straight into the camera while all the others were content at staring at the opposite wall (or whatever invisible object they were staring at). The pre-Momoko Ray would’ve easily noticed something as observable as that and analyzed it to infinity plus pi. XD

    By the way, off-topic, are you done with your H!P Science Directive series? I’m just curious because the way you talked about it somehow gave me the impression that you were moving your way up to the really mega-technology-inspired PVs. Upon making it to Miki’s Atomic Barbie PV, all word about the series suddenly stopped. Since you admitted got lazy around that time and stopped writing as solemnly as you used to, my guess is that you put it off and eventually forgot about it. Regardless, as I said, I was just curious.

  5. eyn:

    Thanks for the info on the drummer! And I actually liked Maiko more with short hair, too, but she clearly needed a change post-Zone…


    Give Zone a try, if you get the chance, especially their faster rock songs. (The slow songs are very hit-or-miss for me.) I especially recommend “Akashi”, “H A N A B I”, “Good Days”, and their last single, “Egao Biyori”.


    Actually, I’d probably explore the hidden significance of the clear butch / femme split in the group and if that’s supposed to make us think anything.

    And I’m glad you asked about the H!P Science Directive. I’ll be getting back to that pretty soon – before I got completely derailed from blogging, I was trying to locate my downloaded copy of W’s “Robokiss” PV (which was next in the plan) and couldn’t find it. That’s what stopped the series before general laziness delivered the coup de grace. Once I’m back to a daily (or near-daily) blogging schedule, I’ll return to the H!P Science Directive, most likely with some Minimoni and then W; with enough prodding, I may even resume it next week. And the Unified Theory of SweetS will continue in a very different form; I’ll reveal that by the start of December.

  6. Kazuma Azuma says:

    i like the band and also, who is the girl with the long hair???

  7. Kazuma Azuma says:

    please give me some info on the band especially the girl with the long straight hair…

  8. velvet says:

    maiko is very beautiful and very cute