All Bow Before Her Power…

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I just got this month’s bill for web hosting Cult of Pop and I was charged for extra bandwidth… Okay, not a problem, it’s happened to me once in a while. Not for Cult of Pop, by any means, but there’s a first for everything.

Curious, I checked my web stats – first time in a long while, apparently, because otherwise I’d’ve noticed the huge spike on September 26: over 18,000 page hits that one day. By rough estimates, that’s more than the number of page hits Cult of Pop typically receives in one whole month. To give you a better idea, here’s the number of daily page hits from September 23 to 29: 238 – 568 – 1,493 – 18,230 – 3,682 – 798. 300 to 500 page hits a day is typical – on the days I post, at least.

So what caused this? I didn’t post anything new on that day, after all. I checked the file request report and found the individual page for "Momoko, O Momoko" received over 23,000 hits. The second most requested individual blog entry page? "Top 10 Geinou Girlfriends"… at a little over 700.

Further, in referring sites to Cult of Pop, a Japanese site jumped all the way to number three with over 11,000 referrals – behind Cult of Pop itself and MM-BBS.

So the scenario became clear: thousands of Japanese Momoko fans became aware of "Momoko, O Momoko" – most likely through the 2ch link somebody listed in the comments – and they looked up that page out of curiosity. What they thought of it, I have no idea. Only a couple of these Japanese fans responded in the comments section, but they were very nice about it and one even linked to some wonderful Momoko photos.

Anyway, this site now has a new queen. I thought the spike in page hits whenever I posted Irie Saaya pictures was big, but that was nothing compared to the power of Momoko. Saaya still dominates in terms of search requests that lead to Cult of Pop, but she’s had months to establish this. In a space of days, Momoko dominated actual page hits to this humble site, her followers in Japan flocking – albeit briefly – to show their dedication.

I kind of wish I had spent more time writing and polishing it now, to tell the truth.


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2 Responses to “All Bow Before Her Power…”
  1. Chris~ says:

    oh… this was quite a surprise…

    I also really enjoyed your “Momoko, o, Momoko”-article, but I’m not (yet?) into Berryz Koubo myself (at all)… but then, almost all of the jpop music/vid/etc (only with a few exceptions) that I enjoy the most is from the past (2004 and back).

    I really don’t know much about seasoning in Japan, but is the pop/idol industry any different during the fall/winter than during spring/summer?
    I mean, when it comes to new groups, new songs from already established groups, promotion, live performances, etc?

  2. Chris~ says:

    oh… and by seasoning I mean like how much is going to ‘happen’ during this season (fall / winter)…?