Sunday Blog Roundup: MIA blogs, musicrakuen debuts, more photoshoots, Kumada Yoko shills loans

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I’m feeling lonely out here in the blogosphere.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s seems to be a great new Jpop blog popping up every week or two. This week musicrakuen debuted with an interesting selection of news and downloads. And while around for a while, Luna Tech is at least new to me, with its translations of Jpop information.

But some of my favorite Jpop blogs have been missing in action – some for a week or two, others for months. And as a reader, I miss the unique voices, the unexpected insights, and the cross-pollination of ideas from these blogs. The ones I’m wanting to read more of: crs’s undoing the mercator projection, Jarret’s I’m bad at naming things (it’s only been a week for him, but I’m curious on how he’s doing in Japan), Phil’s breadready, and Alice’s Magical Girl, which is actually offline right now.

I miss them! But I understand.

As somebody who’s dropped off with my own blogging time and again – my sex story blog’s been quiet since my little medical scare – I know that there are different priorities to consider. (In my case, Jpop blogging versus sex story blogging.) Sometimes, it’s even as simple as not being in the mood and not having anything to say. Or having a bunch of ideas and not giving it the time and focus to be completed. But I’m waiting, checking often, and hoping to be reading from these four in particular sometime soon.

As for those keeping me company this past week, go of jrocknyc provides two hits of Kumada Yoko: the usual Heavy Metal San screencaps and news that she’s representing some kind of quick loan company. Over at Musings of a Fangirl, Wapiko continues with the second part of her unique photoshoots series – very lovely, very exciting. And rounding out the eyecandy, Thea of Made in Paradise provides some wonderful shots of Hinoi Team in hard hats and looking ridiculously gorgeous at the FF VII Advent Children premiere.

Akiramike of HamsapSukebe takes a look at graduation songs in Jpop. Santos offers up some dish as Oikawa Nao’s interview with Abe Natsumi continued, and we find out Yasuda Kei’s got very interesting taste in manga… Miki provides some more shot of Viyuden in Singapore. And over at Channel-Ai’s community blog, Lainay continues to dish up information on discontinued Hello! Project units, the latest being on Petit Moni. Except she calls it Pucchi Moni. Which reminds me of a song to close this off…

“You say Pucchi Moni / I say Petit Moni / You say V-U-Den / I say Viyuden / Pucchi Moni / Petit Moni / V-U-Den / Viyuden / Let’s call the whole thing off…”

The Gershwins are rolling in their respective graves.


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6 Responses to “Sunday Blog Roundup: MIA blogs, musicrakuen debuts, more photoshoots, Kumada Yoko shills loans”
  1. Alice says:

    I say Biyuuden, but I’m weird like that.

    I’m torn if I want to go back to blogging, but I stopped for personal reasons believing that I’m better off not doing it. Still, I’ve been watching a lot of asian movies lately and do want to share my thoughts but at the same time, I don’t think I have the ego to blog without reason. Sorry if that disappoints you, although most of the readers of my blog at the time were there for the transition stuff and couldn’t give to cares for the Jpop entries.

  2. Phil says:

    I’m back! New screencaps are up.

    I posted on my site before I read this post on yours. S’truth. Maybe you’ve been sending some sort of psychic transmissions through the blogosphere.

  3. Icey says:

    Thank you for adding my site onto FEED OF POP, Ray. Would it be okay if I add your blog to my site? ^-^

  4. Alice:

    Ahh, there are times when blogging is without reason – or is completely unreasonable, in my case! But if you ever dip back into the blogosphere, lemme know.


    Psychic transmissions through the blogosphere? The very thought brings me chills.


    Thanks for the link, and I’ve got you listed here on Cult of Pop, as well.

  5. crs says:

    Hi Ray; I actually just finished moving down South for grad school, and I don’t really have internet access yet. Hopefully that’ll change later this month. but I am still planning to blog between classes and work. XD

  6. Sabaku Ika says:

    I think I might start a blog soon. It will have so little purpose that people from all over the world will completely ignore it. I just need a name…