Sunday Blog Roundup: ex-Musume and ex-dream, The Many Faces of Eri, and a Giant Koda Kumi

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Apparently, every time I write long-ass entry on a single, heavily screencapped video featuring under-fifteen idols, I lose all blogging impulses for the remainder of the week… But I’ll try to be better about it in the future.

Still, it’s been a pretty good week again for the Jpop blogosphere. My favorite entry this week is a tie, as both involve favorite former idols who’ve moved on in their lives. Over at jrocknyc, Go posted a photo of Ishiguro Aya in Baby-Mo magazine! Even better, Go sent me scans of the other pictures of Ayappe in that issue – for which he has my undying gratitude – and I’ll say it again: Shinya is a very, very lucky man. Meanwhile, Santos of Idolizing St. Anna breaks the news that ex-dream Matsumoro Mai is preparing her redebut! Mai looks gorgeous, too, though she doesn’t have the maternal glow of Ayappe – which is probably fortunate, all things considered. Oh, and for those who can read Japanese, Mai started a blog of her own.

Over at musicrakuen, we not only had an interesting thought game – asking who your all-star idol line-up would be – but also news of fans’ impressions on meeting Morning Musume in Hong Kong! Very fun reading for Musume fans.

Twiss at Sekushii biimu provides some thoughts on getting to know about Morning Musume the past six months. Thea of Made in Paradise is now a diehard AAA fan but still provides wonderful screencaps of Hinoi Team in action. The best screencap entry this week, though is by Phil of breadready: he gives a very nice capsule history of the Maido Arii segment of Hello! Morning, hosted by Eri – also known as Eric Kamezou, among others.

And as always, you should be checking out ikimasshoi for the latest news and Channel-Ai for informative reviews – including a nifty one by eyn covering Otsuka Ai’s first album, Love Punch. HamsapSukebe‘s Akiramike continues to provide quality Jdorama reviews and Jarret at I’m bad at naming things has apparently been hanging out at Japanese arcades.

From Octopus Dropkick, a photo of a Koda Kumi display that could be comfortably dry-humped by Godzilla if it was so inclined… At Video Game Truth, I found a quick review of what I think is Space Venus… And speaking of video games, in non-Jpop news, Old Grandma Hardcore got a high school student in trouble! Who’d’ve thunk.

Ah! And in comments to last week’s blog roundup, I found out crs has been busy relocating to the South and starting grad school, but will be back to blogging when she can. I’m looking forward to it! And Sabaku Ika is thinking of joining the blogosphere if he can think of a decent name for his blog… Anybody got suggestions? I’ve always liked "Tribute to the King" as a title in general, but I doubt he’ll be writing about Elvis.


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5 Responses to “Sunday Blog Roundup: ex-Musume and ex-dream, The Many Faces of Eri, and a Giant Koda Kumi”
  1. niji says:

    Your long periods of absence had me assuming that you had no time to submit a Sunday Blog Roundup this week. If that would’ve been the case, I — and maybe some others — would have taken that as an indication that this blog is taking a turn for the worse. Fortunately, your “I’m still alive” alarm is working and your fingers are still dancing across the keyboard. Hopefully, you’ll finish the next part of your Science Directive series soon and you can accommodate “small-talk blogging” for a few unit intervals of time before reverting back to being Superwriter and scribe of the T.S.U.N.K.U.

    P.S. I like the new sidebar. One question though: did you do that because you felt like you needed to lay off her case for a while, or because mocking her with just one language got tiresome and you wanted to try a new method of character abuse? LOL

    P.P.S. Momoko’s real cuteness shows when she’s trying to look indignant and whenever she’s in ful focus mode.

  2. niji says:

    ——> My stupid browser ‘tabbed’ itself as I was about to press the Spacebar so my first paragraph was submitted in an incomplete state. That’s supposed to read “…scribe of the T.S.U.N.K.U. Project.” I know it’s just one word but the thought isn’t really conveyed the way that it should be without that one word. Stupid browser refreshing itself…

  3. Sabaku Ika says:

    Thanks for reminding me to start my blog. It is now online. It will probably include some jpop related content, but not exclusively. It has no real theme.

  4. Sabaku Ika says:

    Clicking my name will lead there.

  5. niji:

    It’s been a typical case (for me, at least) of high ambitions and low discipline duking it out, and nothing getting done as a result. I’m trying to recommit myself to a near-daily schedule on this blog, which in my new, even more long-winded mode, will mean better-planned prepwork. (Getting the screencaps together, letting unfinished drafts sit a day or two before completing them.)

    As for Momoko (O Momoko)… well, look at the next post and decide.

    Sabuka Ika:

    So can I add your blog to Feed of Pop? Please?