Sunday Blog Roundup: Channel-Ai, Saaya Returns, Photoshoots Studied

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As far as Jpop blogging goes, the most exciting news this week is a new community blog that I’m enjoying a great deal – it’s called Channel-Ai and in its first week alone it’s got a wide range of Japanese music information and reviews. Special thanks to Lainay for all the Hello! Project love, and spellcheck for all the Zone love. Along with the wonderful wiki.theppn, Channel-Ai will be a great source for new Jpop fan needing to know who, what, and when.

In the Seems Like Old Times department, Santos of Idolizing St. Anna writes about the debut of Irie Saaya’s Sweet Kiss in a video game commercial! In Version 1.0 of Cult of Pop (i.e., the Blogger era), any Saaya news from Santos would lead me to comment and post a few more gratuitous photos of Saaya, just for the hell of it…

But I’ll resist this time.

Santos also writes of a TV interview Natsumi Abe had with former AV star Oikawa Nao. I can safely assume the questions I’d want to hear Nao ask Nacchi were never even touched upon, which is a shame. Speaking of Hello! Project’s leading light, now has a sister website, – devoted to all things Nacchi!

Over at Musings of a Fangirl, Wapiko’s putting together a collection of unconventional photo shoots by idols. I really like how she breaks each photo down according to its elements, providing a good deal of thought with all that luscious, luscious eyecandy. That shot of Hasegawa Emi on a carousel has made me a fan already.

Speaking of idols, over at jrocknyc, go mentioned that Kumada Yoko is the guitar girl in Heavy Metal San, which I should have figured out a long time ago since Yoko’s one of my favorite gravure idols. The rest of the episode seems amusingly crappy – or to use go’s eloquent phrasing, “crap beyond crap” – and there’s even a screencap of a Jimi Hendrix blackface performance. All I can say is: Wow.

Akiramike of HamsapSukebe has a new, more illuminating list of Top 10 Japanese celebrities I would like to have carnal knowledge with pt 2. Miki of Miki’s Sorcery tracks the aftermath of Viyuden’s visit to Singapore, including media coverage and Rika’s own words on her radio show. Thea of Made in Paradise has seen the light and converted to a dream “fangrill”. Time’s flying for Jarret at I’m bad at naming things as he contends with classes in Japan.


What was I saying?

Oh, what the hell! Old Saaya pictures, here we go!

Yeah, that felt better… Though really, she looks much better in that new commercial.


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3 Responses to “Sunday Blog Roundup: Channel-Ai, Saaya Returns, Photoshoots Studied”
  1. santos26 says:

    lol Certainly Saaya seems to be a bit chubby on that commecial.
    BTW, Channel-Ai is amazing !! Maybe my blogging will become a kinda work to find their niche 😀

  2. Thea says:

    nyahahaha I feel embarrassed with my fangrilling lol.

    saaya is so pretty gosh @@

  3. eyn says:

    Thanks for mentioning our blog in your entry, Ray, much appreciated. Thanks to your RSS feeds I think we are getting more readers! I have added you to Channel-Ai’s friends list. Keep up the good work on you blog and blog feeds. 🙂