Sunday Blog Roundup: A Real Science of H!P, Tifa = Hirosue, and Some New Blogs

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It’s been a pretty good week in the Jpop blogosphere, with a wide range of topics being covered. While my own Science of Hello! Project deals only with science fiction, a real scientific study of idols and Hello! Project in particular was taking place on Idolizing St. Anna.

Or at least, a statistical study that has some pretty fascinating results. Now we have hard evidence that Hello! Project is indeed different from other idol collectives. I’m not sure I’d come to all the same conclusions that Santos reached from these stats, but it’s a great starting point for such discussions. Here’s links to the entire series: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, and Part Four. I especially like how Santos describes Momoko (O Momoko!), claiming her "cyborg-like cuteness is the reincarnation of Matsuura Aya"…

Meanwhile, hideki of amai desu gives his opinions on the popularity of SweetS which also explains the nature of the idol machinery in Japan. At ikimasshoi, there are 50 questions for Tsunku that’s pretty fun – though the image of Tsunku reading manga in the bathtub isn’t as exciting as that of Yasuda Kei doing the same. Both ikimasshoi and musicrakuen are excited about DEF. DIVA, the new solo group being formed – and in a related note, Lainay of Channel-Ai gives us the low-down on Nochiura Natsumi, last year’s solo group.

Akiramike of HamsapSukebe makes a very compelling case for Tifa’s smile being inspired by actress / singer / mother Hirosue Ryoko. He also bids good-bye to the Jdorama Densha Otoko, as does Go of jrocknyc. Go also provides an intriguing insight on the animal world as well as on how different cultures wait on lines.

If you haven’t been reading the comments on Cult of Pop, there are two new blogs you’d want to look at: The Blog That Will Change Everything (Eventually) and Sagaliminal. I also found a Johnny’s fan blog called Eden – besides SMAP, I’m not a fan myself, but it’s a pretty dedicated site. There’s also the enthusiastic Jpop Forever.

And in the celebrity Japanese-language blog category, now Aki & Aya of SweetS have their own blog while they prepare for their exams. So they won’t be in hiding, even as the other three keep the group alive.

Oh! And before I forget, from Thea of Made in Paradise: Hinoi Team’s Keika cut her hair! I can’t wait to see what it looks like.


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3 Responses to “Sunday Blog Roundup: A Real Science of H!P, Tifa = Hirosue, and Some New Blogs”
  1. niji says:

    “Drop me an e-mail on whether or not I can include your new blog as a feed on Feed of Pop.”

    I can’t find your e-mail address listed anywhere on this site or any of your other sites so I’ll just leave my response here.

    I don’t mind having my blog included in Feed of Pop. That just means more traffic for me and any good website developer knows that traffic equals profit — or in this case, humiliation. LOL However, you need to know that I can’t update as much as I want to and I won’t be discussing just the Jpop idol scene. If that’s not an issue, then feed all you want. XP

  2. niji:

    Yeah, like regular updates on a blog are a criteria I’d be able to live by on Feed of Pop…

    I’d say there’s only a couple of daily bloggers on the Feed of Pop roster, jrocknyc (which most feels like a “typical” blog in tone and content) and Idolizing St Anna. The rest of the folks post sporadically, but passionately. I like your Ayaya post, by the way – lots of fun to read, almost made me feel sorry for the poor bastard humiliating himself in front of her.

  3. johanna says:

    nice website ive would have expected more pic.