My Dream of Fujimoto Miki

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I’ve just woken up and I knew I had to share this: I had a dream about Fujimoto Miki. I almost never dream about celebrities of any sort, and almost never remember the dream afterwards. The last dream I remember having about a celebrity was over five years ago: it involved having Joey Ramone for a house guest, following him around the local mall in Iowa City, and having to pay for all the fast food he purchased…

Further, it isn’t like Mikitty is the one I’d choose to dream about, though now that she’s crawled into my subconscious I’m beginning to wonder if my brain isn’t telling me something. Awake now, I’m thinking of how she has a really nice smile,and she got that bum rap of losing her solo career to be prt of Morning Musume’s sixth gen, and how her Alo-Hello was fun to watch when you get past the silliness.


The fragments I remember of the dream: my wife and I are living in a house with the rest of Morning Musume, and had to go through a fire drill. There was an obvious rift between the group, some tension in the air, but I notice Miki’s doing well in the drill. I should stress here that I remember no other faces in the dream but am sure they were Momusu. Afterwards, Miki wishes to speak to me…

… about who I’m going to nominate for eviction, and that I should side up with her alliance.

She’s laughing at this time, obviously having fun with this conversation. I point out that if my wife sees us, she’ll be angry, and Miki laughs and does that thing where you pull down one eye with your finger, but she does so leaning against me. And I tell her that I haven’t decided who to put up for eviction or which alliance to go with, but will consider what she says. In the dream, it weighed heavily on me, deciding who stays and who goes.

For those unfamiliar with the reference, the nomination for evictions means we were on the reality TV show Big Brother, which my wife and I are very fond of. Every week (sometimes twice a week), a head of household is decided by a competition and must nominate two people for eviction: the remaining players later vote between the two nominees on who gets evicted – that is, kicked out of the game. (There’s also a Power of Veto, but we won’t go into that…) Like Survivor there’s a good deal of scheming and alliance-forming and betrayal, except it ends up more open in Big Brother since the contestants are forced to live together in a house for the whole summer, never leaving the house until they’re evicted.

I’m guessing part of why it’s Miki is that I just downloaded footage of her playing golf at a celebrity tournament and thought it was neat.

There may be more here, as well: on the boards I’ve frequented, Miki has sometimes been jokingly accused of scheming to take over Morning Musume, getting people kicked out until she became the lead. There’s also been a sense that she’s been too harsh with other members of Morning Musume in the past, based in part on leaked audio recordings.

The striking aspect for me is how happy and playful Mikitty is in the dream: very much at ease, enjoying the game for what it is. Certainly, as current sub-leader and one of the regular lead vocals (along with Takahashi Ai), she seems better positioned than she was when she first joined. And she seems more likeable, more a part of the team and at ease, than she did when she first joined.

As for combining Hello! Project with reality TV… well, that’s how H!P started in the first place. The original five and Heike Michiyo were competing in a talent show sponsored by Tsunku’s band SharanQ; Michiyo won, and Tsunku took it a step further, challenging the five losers to sell 50,000 copies of “Ai no Tane”, promising a record contract if they did. With the early emphasis on training together – often under the watchful eye of cameras – there was even something of a Big Brother aspect to the auditions for the first six generations.

Anyway, that’s about it. Except, like I said, I’m now feeling more of a tug towards Miki…


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5 Responses to “My Dream of Fujimoto Miki”
  1. Alice says:

    I’ve only had one dream about celebrities (I also rarely remember my dreams) and it was about Morning Musume. I was going to write about it on my site, but I was too embarassed to post it ^^;;

  2. Miki says:

    nee…it sounds like Mikitty-sama @ DokiMiki

  3. niji says:

    *singsong* Ray has a new crush. *singsong* ROTFL XP

  4. S says:

    Ah, Miki… I’ve already made clear who my favorite is, and why (well, I gave a limited explanation compared to what you did :p), and now you’re gravitating towards my second favorite. Excellent.

    Her voice wavers sometimes (see her “Sexy Island” in Iroppoi Jirettai…), but overall she’s good. She’s improved a lot since her solo career.

    Her personality is her best feature, though. She’s always at one extreme or the other, and never in the middle: either she looks bored and pissed off, or she’s having the time of her life and is enjoying herself more than anyone else. It’s really fun to watch.

    It’s also really fun to watch when she seems bored or pissed, since it’s such a contrast to the usual idol who’s supposed to be happy and cheerful all the time. Or rather, boredom and anger is on the bottom of the list of emotions that they’re supposed to act out. And by contrast with herself, her apparent boredom/anger also makes her fun side seem more real when it does come out.

    Have you seen recent Hello Mornings? The Aug. 28th one about the animals is a great example of how fun it can be to watch her when she’s having fun.

    And have you checked out her solo songs? Going on a slight tangent here, her last single, Boogie Train ’03, is one of the funnest H!P PVs (and songs). I’d describe it, but I wouldn’t do it justice. I’d be more than happy to send it to you if you’ve never seen it.

  5. Alice:

    Of course, I have no shame.


    I downloaded this week’s DokoMiki to listen to it… Do you mean the fun she apparently has on the show, her attitude? For some reason, I thought it’d be more music and less talk, but I never download H!P radio shows. Until now, that is.


    It could be worse. It could’ve been Momoko.


    I have most of Miki’s solo PVs, definitely “Boogie Train ’03”. I’m going to convert a few to WMVs to carry on my iPaq and obsess over for a while…