Momoko, O Momoko

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[NOTE: I know this makes me a horrible person. Why else do you think I’d share it?]

I thought you were a bad decision
A clumsy, lisping monkey girl –
But now I see that you’re a vision
The superstar in Tsunku World.

Momoko, O Momoko
It’s me, not you, who’s much too slow
In seeing your beauty, charm, and smile,
Your lilting voice and H!P style.

The day you joined the H!P Kidz
The world grew bright in your idol glow
As eight tiny angels in our midst
Blossomed into Berryz Koubo.

Momoko, O Momoko
Sultry as the winds of the Sirocco!
In your tartan plaids, I’m in your thrall
As you razor down the empty hall.

Then a fighting pose? Wa date ja nai!
In your sparring gloves, a dangerous foe:
The Celeb Machine turned a blind eye
Then cleared you in a dish-shaped chapeau.

Momoko, O Momoko
Next Piriri to Yukou!
In a bus, on open fields
Wherever you go, I’ll always yield.

Let’s cut ahead without hesitation
To dancing and singing without parallel –
True to its title was "Special Generation"
The song that caught me under Berryz’s spell.

Momoko, O Momoko!
Nanchuu Koi wo Yatteruu, you know?
Your keitai caused you such undue angst
Love can be brutal, bereft of thanks.

"21 ji no Made Cinderella"
Had the Berryz dressed in day-glo rags –
They proved the song was actually stellar
Despite the attire of poor little hags.

Momoko, O Momoko
Who’d think a costumer’d sink so low
As to ruin your charm with an ugly hat
None should be allowed to get away with that!

Risako’s much cuter, Yurina more lovely,
And Chinami’s grin is much more fetchin’.
Hinoi Asuka looms above me,
While SweetS’ Haruna is idol perfection.

But Momoko, O Momoko
It’s you I’d sail down the Orinoco!
If you were five years older and I ten less…
Else it’d be immoral and I’m under arrest.

So Momoko, O Momoko
No chance for us to go with the flow.
You’ve captured my heart, I’m loveless and stung
If only you weren’t so damn young.

Momoko, O Momoko
The beating heart of Berryz Koubo!
I’m your fan forever, my Momoko light,
And I’m sure adolescence will treat you right.


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20 Responses to “Momoko, O Momoko”
  1. Sabaku Ika says:

    You really are scary. No offense. It makes your writing more interesting. Keep up the good work.

  2. niji says:

    *guffaws so loudly and hysterically that the best seismographers in the world had simultaneous heart attacks*

    OMFG!!! That was friggin’ hilarious. You just keep surprising me everytime, Ray. Unbelievable… just… unbelievable. Dude, rorikons represent! ROTFL I can’t keep myself from laughing. OMG, that was intense. ROTFL 100x

    Anyways, what changed your mind about her?

    As an aside, which free Blog service would you recommend for an aspiring blogger such as myself? I’ve just very recently decided to start an ‘impersonal’ blog and am now in the process of choosing a Blog service provider. I tried Tabulas but its templates are as messy as Oscar’s trashcan. I’m learned — but not adept — at CSS so I’ll have no problem working with a non-messy template. Any suggestions?

  3. Sabaku Ika says:

    In my extremely limited experience, seems good.

  4. niji says:

    The templates at Blogger seem to be more organized than those at Tabulas. At the very least, I can see where each stuff goes (although I still can’t find a list of all the class and variable names that they use). I’ll try working with one of its templates for a few days and see what I come up with.

    Anti-OT, it’s been a few hours and I still find myself laughing at Ray’s entry. XD

  5. Jarret says:

    To be honest, I’ve been skipping your Berryz posts because I assumed nothing would really come of it. But dammit, I was TOTALLY wrong.

    As you say in your – er, tribute poem (?) – there are other cuter girls in the U-15 song market, so why Momoko? The poem only confuses me more…

    But I guess I can’t blame you; personlly I’m waiting for C-ute to do something.

  6. Sabaku Ika:

    Re, first comment – yeah, that’s the intended effect.

    And hey, can I put your blog on Feed of Pop? E-mail me on that.


    I agree with Sabaku Ika, Blogger is very good. It’s a great starting point and the glitches from earlier this year are apparently gone now. If you want to go whole hog and maintain a domain and try out various plugins and experiment some, I’d push for using WordPress, it’s actually quite easy to set up initially and very versatile. But if you want minimum hassle with a solid interface, I’d recommend Blogger. And hey, tell me when your blog’s up, too!

    As for what changed my mind about Momoko (O Momoko), I’d have to say it’s that whole repulsion/fascination, thin line between love and hate thing. The more I thought of that randy little monkey-girl, the more I realized she’s actually quite adorable… sorta… maybe… And as I’ve noted, there’ve been times in the past when a very strong, initially negative reaction gave way to passionate adoration. (SweetS, for instance, scared me at first.) I’m funny like that.


    Undeniably, there are U-15 idols “better” than Momoko in different ways, but Jpop ain’t about rational decisions (not for me, at least). Berryz brings out my playful side, which was evident in the “Fighting Pose” post. In turn, my ambivalence to Momoko has given way to a kind of playful appreciation of her admittedly idiosyncratic charms, and this bit of poetic drivel is the result. No other idol besides Momoko has made me want to sing her praise in verse – not Haruna or Kago or Amuro or even Mikitty. I also love the rhythm of the line “Momoko, O Momoko”, that just got the creative juices flowing.

  7. Phil says:

    Ray’s finally seen the light, but in the process he’s lost his mind! Oh, cruel world, what have you wrought.

  8. Phil,

    You got it wrong: I lost my mind a long time ago.

  9. Japonaliya says:

    After being a lurker for quite a while, my first post..

    Ichiban: Give up the poetry…however, I totally agree with the content.

    Alas…I would have to MUCH younger to consider anything other than having Momoko as a daughter…but all I really want to embracw is the absolute “sunshine” of her smile “SHOUJYO: an adolecent” all is mot lost…
    BTW I thoguth you were married??? If so, age is NOT your ONLY problem…

  10. Japonaliya says:


    Oh boy, some of my comments were “lost” in traslation…

    What i wanted to say was:

    “Alas, I would have to BE MUCH younger to consider anything other than having Momoko as a “daughter”.

    “All I really want to “embrace” is the absolute “sunshine” of her smile.

    All is not lost however, have you seen the Japanese film: “SHOUJYO: an adolecent” ??

  11. niji says:

    Ray: Since you asked ever so nicely… click on my handle to get to my new blog. I’m using a different handle for that blog (Renzeta) because niji was meant to be a disposable handle since the very beginning. I’ll still post as niji here and on other blogs though. Maybe someday, I’ll start commenting as Renzeta as well — but for now, Renzeta blogs and niji comments.

  12. Phil says:


    I just noticed that you changed the sidebar graphics too. I stand corrected – and awed at the magnificence.

  13. Japonaliya:

    Welcome! So glad you posted!

    And yeah, forcing bad poetry is what I meant above about being a “horrible person”. I have one more poem waiting to be written, though… but Lord knows when I’ll do it, if ever. The age problem is more of an issue than the wife problem, but only because the not-in-touch-with-reality problem supercedes all of them in my world.


    Drop me an e-mail on whether or not I can include your new blog as a feed on Feed of Pop.


    It’s a Momoko World and we just live in it.

  14. Japonaliya says:

    Hey Ray,

    I am sure you know about this site, but if not:

  15. CJ Marsicano says:

    And I thought my obsession with Aibon Kago was bad… LMAO XD

  16. Anonymous says:


  17. @ says:


  18. Japonaliya:

    Didn’t know about the site, thanks!


    I’m trying to show some restraint. A couple days I realized I could take the Beach Boys song “Kokomo” and turn it to “Momoko”… and I stopped myself.

    So far.

    Though it would be MUCH catchier than the original.

    It really, really would.


    Thanks for the links! Those Momoko pictures are absolutely adorable…

    So adorable that…

    “Miyabi, Chinami / Maasa’s feeling balmy / Yurina, Risako / Saki, where did she go?”

    I’ll stop there.

    For now.

  19. Suika says:

    This is perhaps the greatest thing to ever come from Berryz Koubou. Thank you!