Anticipating the Inevitable….

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It’s gonna happen sooner or later. I’m guessing either by the end of their current tour or by the start of 2006, the news will be announced.

Another Morning Musume graduation.

I could be wrong, but I find myself considering it at odd moments, as if something half-remembered, or a chore too easily forgotten. It’s like that cliched conversation where one guy says, "The place is quiet," and the other guy says, "Too quiet."

After all the tumult of the first half of the year, the relative peacefulness in recent months makes me wonder what the hell is next – and of course, a year can’t pass without a graduation. We’ve had two graduations and a resignation this year, but the year’s almost up.

The good news is, Fujimoto Miki would be the likeliest candidate for graduation. She’s got the talent, the previous solo career, and is one of the oldest Musumes. Since Yoshizawa Hitomi is the current leader, she’ll likely be kept on board for another year or so for the sake of continuity and stability. Takahashi Ai is another likely candidate as the oldest of the fifth gen, though I’d say her chances are 2 to 1 while Mikitty is even money. Yossi would be a four to one shot, with nobody else being serious contenders – either because they’re too young or don’t have the fan base or talent to leave just yet.

I could be wrong. After everything that happened in 2005 so far, maybe the powers that be will want to keep the current 10-nin line-up for as long as possible and maybe have a graduation in late 2006 instead of early 2006. (And delay 8th generation auditions until then, as well.) Tsunku’s also partial to the number ten, though I think about how the last ten-nin line-up lasted for only two singles.

All that said, I have an uneasy sense that something will happen,something monumental. Maiha leaving Berryz is tragic, but not all that major. And like I’ve said, Musume graduations are inevitable by the very nature of the group…

We’ll see, I guess. We’ll see.


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4 Responses to “Anticipating the Inevitable….”
  1. niji says:

    Something is bound to happen very soon, but I wouldn’t call Koharu being kicked off the group a major event. *hides from Koharu fanboys*

  2. Kusumi Tenderly says:

    Don’t worry about the Miracle fanboys. I’m sure you can take them both.

  3. Jarret says:

    Koharu needs more of them. I’ll volunteer! She’s too cute. It’s official!

    I really hope that Ai leaves. She has great potential as a soloist, and I think she’d shine brighter on her own, where her personailty won’t be overshadowed by louder folk. As long as Tsunku doesn’t work on her stuff. I think she’d fit in more with Avex.

  4. Icey says:

    I actually do not think it will be Fujimoto. She hasn’t even been in the group for long, so I don’t think they’ll be pulling her out anytime soon in order to give her a solo career again, especially considering the declining sales of H!P acts. She is also quite an important member to the group, in terms of popularity and star appeal.

    I don’t think any graduation announcements will be given from now to early 2006, for the sake of group stability. Instead, I think they will work on trying to push Koharu and some other members and possibly giving Takahashi less of a such a feature/central role in the group.