(Un)Holy Crap!

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Found this off Octopus Dropkick, an unretouched billboard for Hell Pizza.

What I want to know is: Is Bush-bashing so popular and prevalent and knee-jerk in the rest of the world that you can use it to sell pizza? What else can be sold with such demonizing tactics? Bush-is-Satan laundry detergent? Bush-is-Evil dog food? Bush-is-the-Devil feminine hygiene products?

And can you order Condi Rice Purgatory-flavored cheesesticks with that pizza?


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4 Responses to “(Un)Holy Crap!”
  1. Wapiko says:

    AHAHAHA. Whoa. That’s one awesome billboard.

    I think it’s more that he’s an easy target, really. I can’t help but wonder, though, what the jokes would be like had Kerry been elected.

  2. crs says:

    Hm… Bush-bashing is prevalent/popular/knee-jerk in the U.S. too, especially if you avoid leaving New England like I do. among left-leaning types, it’s like a secret fraternity handshake. ‘oh, you hate bush? me too!’ of course, we’re not as clever about it as those japanese ad agencies.

  3. JPope says:

    New Zealand is kind of like Canada — they fancy themselves above the “war mongers” in America and Australia while conveniently omitting the reality that their freedom to do so was paid for with the blood of US and Aussie troops. They’re so cute when they’re indignant

  4. commy says:

    [Comment deleted. I can appreciate differences in opinions, but please don’t resort to ad hominem attacks against each other. – Ray]