Sunday Blog Roundup: Team Dream Wins, More Lists, Sexy Korean Boys and Sexy Gravure Girls

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My favorite blog entry this week is from Santos of Idolizing St. Anna, as he let loose the news that Team Dream has finally won a game!. Hopefully someone will upload this game on the torrent sites, because it’ll be sweet, sweet happiness to see the Avex girls taste victory on the futsal field.

Santos also provided his Top 10 – Plus 3 – Idol Girlfriends list. The extra three are for the under-fifteen set, a couple of whom would be on my Top 10 Little Sisters of Girlfriends Who’d Accompany Us to the Movies and the Mall Because She’s So Cool In Her Own Underage Way list… if I ever deliver on it. Thea has provided her Top 10 Boyfriend and Top 10 Idol lists and I continue to delight in reading a blog so dedicated to the Avex Girl Groups.

At undoing the meractor projection, crs provides a rather amusing account of homoeroticism in Korean pop music: though the pictures have since been taken down, the text provides plenty of juicy details to delight and amuse. Wapiko at Musings of a Fan Girl discussed the latest gravure model to try her hand at singing, then gives a run-down of past attempts at such crossover – all accompanied by some rather luscious images.

On a personal note, Jarret of I’m bad at naming things has arrived in Japan and describes his flights over. It’ll be fun to read of his experiences in Japan and his inevitable attempt to pick up that second Konno Asami photobook.

Over at morning feed, an announcement has been made concerning a second issue – and a possible print run of that issue. And, thanks to Technorati keyword feeds, I found a couple of interesting blogs this week: kirakirachoco and the SweetS-centered amai desu.


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2 Responses to “Sunday Blog Roundup: Team Dream Wins, More Lists, Sexy Korean Boys and Sexy Gravure Girls”
  1. itasi says:

    While we’re on the note of gravure idols gone pop stars (or in most cases not), AV star Aoi Sora is also releasing her first single “Hadaka no Kiss” on May 31st this year. Should be interesting…

  2. Johnny says:

    Sora Aoi singing?!?

    Maybe she should have a duet with Ogura Yuko.