Sunday Blog Roundup: Miki meets Viyuden, Santos sees SweetS, Metal hearts Enka…

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While this has been a crap week of blogging for me – I’ll cite extenuating circumstances and assure that I’ll be more active this week – this has been a very good week for other bloggers. Miki of Miki’s Sorcery met Viyuden at the airport in Singapore and took tons of pictures! Not to fall back on internet acronyms, but OMG OMG OMG! It’s definitely worth a look at. And Santos, who’s blogging has entered new heights of dedication these past couple months, has now fallen sway to SweetS and attended the last concert of their tour.

Between these two events and the Morning Musume handshake event – there’s several accounts, but I especially like this one from the MM-BBS – it seemed like I was the few people I knew who didn’t meet an idol this weekend.

In related news, is back in full force this week, with some particularly good news for Yossi fans here and here.

Over at jrocknyc, go describes a heavy metal show host swooning for an enka singer. Correction: considerably older enka singer. For some reason, this both touches my heart and makes the enka singer real hot in my book. Also, go made a nicely ironic note on structuralism that tickled the recovering academic in me.

In other blogs, Thea broke the news on SweetS’ first full-length album while Jarret of I’m bad at naming things adjusts nicely to Japan. Continuing the Top 10 lists, Akiramike relates a wonderful new addition: Top 10 Japanese Celebrities to Fcuk (his mis-spelling, not mine). I’m still mildly amazed at the distinction of having a girlfriend and having someone to sleep with, but that’s just my silly moral system. Nice to see two of my favorite gravure idols (Hoshino Aki, Kumada Yoko) on the list, though – means they’ve still got careers ahead of them.

Also, found a new Morning Musume / Hello! Morning site, Sekushii biimu – A Morning Musume Blog, that bears watching.


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3 Responses to “Sunday Blog Roundup: Miki meets Viyuden, Santos sees SweetS, Metal hearts Enka…”
  1. Akiramike says:

    On a related note, Akiramike met Nacchi in his dreams again. Damn, I feel so left out….

  2. niji says:

    Don’t feel sad, Akiramike. I didn’t meet anyone over the weekend either.

  3. Miki says:

    I miss them so much (T_T)