Sunday Blog Roundup: Korea & Criticism, UFA & Bought Actresses, Eri & balls…

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I spent last weekend setting up Feed of Pop and I’m pretty pleased with how it’s turning out so far. (I also spent last weekend helping to kickstart SugarHive, that bold experiment in sex wikis could still benefit from your knowledge!) And while the feed makes it easier for people to find quality Jpop blogging, that doesn’t mean I still can’t point out my own favorites from the past week.

Hands down, my favorite blog entry this week comes from crs of undoing the mercator projection. What starts as a familial anecdote becomes a download list becomes a very illuminating examination of the nature of criticism in Korean music. Even though I don’t listen to Korean music, her always-compelling discussion of the underlying cultural issues makes her mandatory reading and gives me a standard to live up to.

Santos at Idolizing St. Anna provides two very informative pieces: a history of the Up Front Agency and a chart explaining what Japanese actresses will do and for how much. I’m not sure what to make of the latter, though it’s incentive to become filthy rich and pull some kind of Indecent Proposal move on, um… certain someones. Maybe start with Hirosue Ryoko and work from there.

Miki of Miki’s Sorcery has been drawing the line between cute and disturbing with a series of images themed on Morning Musume food, including these Erikuyaki Balls. I will refrain from making any further statement that uses “Eri” and “eating” in the same sentence.

Jarret at I’m bad at naming things discusses various video-game related items, while Go at jrocknyc provided a highly amusing review of a heavy metal show (I think the only heavy metal show?) on Japanese TV. His opening line, “Today’s guest is some retard comedian,” made me think, “Oh? Is he watching a recent Hello! Morning?”

Lastly, some new discoveries! Thea does an Avex girl group blog called Made in Paradise which I love for obvious reasons, while Wapiko of the MM-BBS and DAMN forums (at least, that’s how I first met her) has started a blog of her own, Musings of a Fangirl. I also discovered an all-Niigaki Risa blog called which bears watching, as does a Jdorama site that inspired my own Top 10 Geinou Girlfriend list, HamsapSukebe.


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7 Responses to “Sunday Blog Roundup: Korea & Criticism, UFA & Bought Actresses, Eri & balls…”
  1. Wapiko says:

    Thea…well indeed it is the same Thea I once knew ^^ Tis a small Jpop fanworld, I’d say!

  2. niji says:

    So let me get this straight: you maintain your own blog and site while writing articles for both; you listen to Jpop and watch PVs so you can write in-depth analytical reviews about them; you induce Jpop catharsis by writing five-page essays about the Jpop groups that you are fond of; you have a family and you work — although a newcomer to your site who only skims through your entries would assume differently; and you also read through all those blogs and visit all those sites. Where do you get the time???

  3. niji – you may want to sit down for this…

    I actually maintain five distinct blogs and a separate homepage (which is mostly neglected). Two blogs require regular writing commitments (Cult of Pop, 101 Nights), one is a minor author’s journal (Notes on 101 Nights), one is a photoblog (Cult of Pop Mobile), and the last is a feed aggregate which I maintain but don’t need to write anything extra for (Feed of Pop).

    It helps that they’re all so compartmentalized: pop culture analysis, smut, analysis of smut, photos, feed. It also helps that this is the “enjoyable” writing I do, as opposed to the freelance writing I do for money – which is also fun and satisfying in its own way, but quite different in tone and approach. The long-winded essays about Jpop are like love letters tossed out in the throes of otaku passion, pure labors of love in my own nerdy academic way. The smut, however, is hard, tedious work, written for the sake of discipline.

    As for where I get the time – well, my current temp job is ridiculously easy, my wife is very understanding (she knew what she was getting into when she married me), and I have no kids (that I positively know of). After years of not writing much at all, it’s actually a relief and pleasure to throw myself into writing the way I have this year.

  4. niji says:

    That’s quite hardcore — in its own way. XP

    But yeah, writing is fun, isn’t it? 🙂

  5. Thea says:

    ah yoroshiku onegai shimasu m(__)m lol

    i am mostly updated with hinochi only, but i will try my best with the other groups 🙂

    hmm i have to agree with all the busyness. even if i am busy, i still wanna make time to write stuff about the artists i like for some reason. i dunno why hahaha

    and wow, it’s wapi! :O i guess both our wFL fandom has died lol

  6. Hey Thea:

    Did you get my e-mail yesterday about your blog’s feed? If not, drop me a line.

  7. TheBelleGarden22Era!! says:

    Small Jpop world indeed! Hi Piko, Hi Thea! *What?*

    Sorry for lurking!! O_O;

    *My WFL fandom has also, I’m afraid, gone the the drain…. 88% LOL*