So That’s What She’s Doing Between TV Appearances…

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Sekshi Biiiiiiiiiiiiimmmuu!!!

At a manga blog called Irresponsible Pictures I found a photo of Yaguchi Mari posing with what appears to be her manga collection, all shelved quite nicely, prim and orderly and apparently well-cared for under a soothing pink light.

Could it be? Is Yagu even more of a comic book geek than me? I don’t bother to bag or board my funnybooks, leaving them in large stacks on the bookshelf until I’m ready to shove them in order into a comic box. I may have too much comic book information crammed into my poor noggin, but I’ve learned to be quite cavalier about the treatment of my reads. Which doesn’t automatically make me less geeky than Mari, just more sloppy and reckless, now that I think of it…

At any rate, the idea of Mari being a manga fangirl is way cooler than when I found out Asia Carrera is better at gaming than I could ever be.

In semi-related Mari news, I’ve been watching original Tanpopo’s “Motto” PV on my iPaq lately and it’s like a video wet dream with the sexiest Momusu of all time. Ishiguro Aya, that is. However, what’s surprising about the PV is just how sexy the other two members of the subgroup are. Iida Kaori has spent so long not fitting into the Morning Musume line-ups of recent years, it’s refreshing to look back on her Tanpopo PVs (including the second line-up with Kago and Rika) and see her smiling and relaxed, and to hear her beautiful voice. And in “Motto” she is absolutely torrid: she uses that deer-in-the-headlights stare to look very adult and emotional, instead of lost and clueless.

As for Mari: I’d always thought that she needed to find her Sexy Beam before she became the larger-than-life Yagu we all know and love, that she was essentially uninteresting before “Love Machine” and “Koi no Dance Site” turned Morning Musume upside-down. “Motto” seems to indicate otherwise, as she holds her own in the PV with her two towering co-singers, doing just as strong a job of looking sexy and haunted as Iida…

Though of course, Ishiguro Aya beats them both just because she’s, like, several hundred percent sexier than any other Momusu past or present.

At some point I need to watch all the other early Tanpopo PVs – more than Petit Moni or Minimoni, I’m beginning to think they were the strongest subgroup of all, in terms of style, personalities, and especially music.