Ninagawa Mika Photographs

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Discovered this through octopus drop kick!, a homepage for photographer Ninagawa Mika. The photograph gallery has some truly incredible images, vibrant and beautiful and springing from a unique sensibility. I’m including two here, they just take my breath away and I need to share. The picture above (also used by odk) was what made me sit up and take notice in the first place. I love the golden cowboy hat, that just about sealed the deal for me among all the Japanese iconography.

And this one is just so beautiful, the subject has an incredible smile – somewhere between snarky, shit-eating, and knowing. The fishbowl in her hands, though, elevates it into something stranger, more dreamlike. In a way, it feels like falling in love.

(And, I just realized, the subject looks a lot like a student I once had in Iowa. But she had black hair. I don’t remember her name, but I remember I gave her an A for the semester despite being late in handing in each and every paper. But then, she had the same smile as this subject, so…)

I also saw some celebrities in the photos – I’m pretty sure there was one of Kuriyama Chiaka and I know I saw Paris Hilton with I think her mother in one portrait.

Do yourself a favor and take a look around that site. It’s pretty damn nifty, and some of you’ll probably recognize celebrities I couldn’t name.