Making the Jump

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After setting up WordPress for Feed of Pop last night, I’ve become a convert: Cult of Pop version 2.0 is here and it’s WordPress, baby!

Don’t worry, though: Cult of Pop version 1.0 is still available for posterity’s sake. I was considering importing those first 200-plus blog entries but decided to make this an almost-fresh start. (I’m piggybacking last night’s SweetS entry since it’s the start of a series.)


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9 Responses to “Making the Jump”
  1. Wapiko says:

    Hahaha, you and me both! I came here tonight and went “Waahh!? Did I accidentally go to my new link?”

    I had really wanted to blog tonight too but YAY family time. T_T; Oh well – hope to read more blurbs from you soon ^^

  2. niji says:

    Why is an e-mail address required to post a comment? (I obviously didn’t give mine.)

  3. Administrator says:

    All I really wanted was a name, but e-mail was part of that option. I’ve unchecked it now.

  4. niji says:

    It’ll take a bit of getting used to but the change is welcome. I liked the old setup better though — the entirety of all articles are posted on one page and none of this “Read the rest of this entry” waste matter excreted via the intestinal channel (long-winded euphimisms are fun!). 2 cents, but I won’t mind me if I were you. LOL XP

  5. S says:

    I was wondering why my RSS feed hadn’t picked up anything new the past few days. 😛

    Keep up the great work!

  6. Chris~ says:

    I don’t know why I didn’t comment on this earlier (and I am not sure if this works automatically; that you will be notified that someone replied to this old post), but I do agree with niji’s comment… isn’t there some way to set a personal preference which could then be saved? What I mean is; I also prefer when the articles are posted in their entirety.
    Most of the times (in the past) I’ve wanted to read the entire article (or, if it was the other way around; while scrolling past it, maybe something, some word or phrase [or picture!], would flash before me – and I’d become interested in reading it. Or if not, I’d just scroll by.)

    The thing I like the most about the new setup is, I guess, thoose taglines (or what they should be called) that are attached to the image at the top – my favourite one so far; “If it doesn’t make you feel guilty, it’s not really pleasure” (or if it was the other way around, but it was something similar).
    If they are always up to date (I’m thinking of the actual image now, not the text) – and thus will only be used once – maybe you could have an archive for them somewhere (when you have a bunch); or if they are not that up to date and just give the viewer a general idea of what this blog is about, maybe you could have one selected randomly?
    I guess, the thing is, I like these that have been used so far, a lot, and I wouldn’t mind seeing the old ones pop up again or something. I get the feeling of ‘cult of pop’ when looking at them.

  7. Hey Chris:

    Hope you’re doing well. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s any way to set up preferences for viewing. While it may be a bit of a pain to not have recent blog entries in their entirety to scroll through, I actually prefer the excerpt format for a couple reasons: it keeps the index page from getting too long and gives me a greater sense of freedom for individual blog entries. For some reason, I feel a lot better about putting up one screencap-heavy post after another (in the old format, the SweetS “Lolita” post alone would have been overwhelming with other posts).

    As a result this blog’s actually quite different from Version 1.0. There are fewer posts, but I find I’m making them more substantial. Shorter observations now go on a miniblog on the sidebar, giving them the ephemerality I’d prefer they have. The WordPress switch hasn’t just been cosmetic, it’s made me rethink what I want to do with this blog and how to present it.

    As for the tag lines and pictures, it’ll probably change once in a while, but isn’t necessarily a reflection of what I have planned for future posts. Just turned out to be that way at first. A gallery of these headers doesn’t sound bad to me at all: once I move from the original set of five or six to new ones, I’ll set up a page for those put out of circulation.

  8. S says:

    Is there a “preview” option you can enable for people commenting? I’m never sure how a comment’s format is going to turn out (which tags work, what’s going to turn into a graphical smiley, etc.).

  9. Hi S:

    I tried to activate three different preview plugins – two didn’t work at all, the third previewed the same four letters no matter what was typed in… I’ll keep trying though, because I agree it’d be helpful.