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I feel shame.

True to her word, Wapiko’s posted her own Top 10 Celebrity Girlfriends – it’s a great list, and it’s interesting to see how each Top 10 list so far provides a rather distinct picture of the person. I used to think you could judge a person by what books / comics they read or what music they listened to. This is way more fun.

But Wapi included Aoi Sora, who she dubs “the Jenna Jameson of Japanese porn” – that is, an AV idol. (AV standing for Adult Video, of course.) Or perhaps the AV idol, if a Jenna comparison is being made.

And I realized, the reason I didn’t include any AV idols in my list is because I don’t know them well enough. I’ve downloaded a few videos, and bought a couple DVDs at Hawaii By Night. (It’s even easier to get Japanese AV than Jpop in Hawaii, which is significant in a way I won’t explore here.) But most of what I’ve seen has involved anonymous actresses or minor leaguers. The actual big-name idols are still a bit alien to me. I could name a few, Iijima Ai (who I know has moved to the mainstream) and Oikawa Nao for starters… I’m very much aware of Monbu Ran, who does Ayaya cosplay. Man, am I aware of Monbu Ran…

But if I walked in on a thoughtful conversation about Japanese AV, what could I offer in the way of insights or opinions? If a discussion on AV and its cultural signifiers were to arise, how would I make my mark in this topic? Generalizations, cultural patterns: I know that, just like comics, the porn of Europe, America, and Japan are all very distinct in their idioms, as I explained to my friend Harumi last month. But I want to be detailed as well, and I just am not capable of that right now.

In other words, I realized: there’s a gap in my education…

A wide, moist, alluringly scented gap. (You know I couldn’t resist that joke.)

What’s even more frustrating is that I’m writing smut at 101 Nights of Wahine Trouble and yet a valuable source for inspiration is going largely untapped. In a way, it’s almost like typing with one arm tied behind my back.

And swinging off a trapeze.

I know what my taste is in Jpop – it’s still developing, but I hope I’m articulate about what I like and why. While less familiar with gravure idols – the girls who pose in bikinis but don’t actually engage in sex for the camera – I do have some favorites and know what I appreciate about them. So the next step – kind of like that mythic link from eating marijuana brownies to smoking crack to shooting up toilet water in my veins (a la Sid Vicious) – is certainly the world of AV.

So I leave it to you readers: educate me. Which AV idols would you suggest? Who are the most distinctive personalities, who are the cutest? Are there any particular videos or series that are worth trying out? I’m not a fan of large-proportion D-cup or H-cup idols, though a cute face would compensate for that. And I’m not a fan of bondage / rape scenarios, which are apparently a staple in AV. Cosplay is interesting, if not taken to ridiculous lengths.

A resemblance to favorite idols would either intrigue me or turn me off completely, depending on who we’re talking about. (And I’ve noticed how a lot of AV idol names are meant to evoke the names of Jpop idols and other geinou, kind of like American porn star names such as Lexington Steele and Asia Carrerra and Britney Rears.)

If it helps any, with American adult films, I like Kitty Yung a lot, along with Kobe Tai, Tera Patrick and Sylvia Saint (I know, I know – she’s European). I think Asia Carrera’s cool but more as a personality than as someone to watch in adult videos. And I think Chloe Nicholle is pretty damn beautiful, whatever the situation.

So, yeah. Whatever suggestions you have, I’d love to hear them. But please: no down-and-dirty explicit details in the comments and absolutely no photos. This is a serious query in the name of broadening one’s horizons.

Let’s be adults about this.


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10 Responses to “It Doesn’t Stand for Audio Visual…”
  1. Akiramike says:

    Thanks for info on Monbu Ran. I’ll definitely be looking for her stuff. 🙂

    For AV I recommend an old fav of mine, Kanazawa Bunko. She’s got a distinct kawaii look. Sora Aoi is the only current one I like. She’s a bit plump but she can look so innocent and alluring.

  2. Dave says:

    I’ve been into JAV for a number of years, and finding quality stuff has been very very difficult.

    For years, you would see an adorable faced super cute girl ‘interviewed’ for all of 45 seconds then a couple of yakuza-like MEN are unleashed on her, and she’s subjected to ‘the routine’. And the routine is always the same. No real hints of eroticism or satisfaction, nor did she ever appear to enjoy the experience.

    For that you need an actress to be an active (and willing) participant. And that is finally starting to come around — although it still takes effort to find.

    My favorites always end up being from S1 ( They are blocking non-japan traffic now so use this to get around it — )

    Here’s some good ones to get you started:

    Ruka Ogawa’s stuff is always good, but very hard to find.

  3. JPope says:

    A Google image search reveals that Sora Aoi is not the least bit plump.

    Bunko Kanazawa is the only AV idol that I’ve actually seen in action.

  4. santos26 says:

    *It seems that my post is censored lol.

    There are several look-alikes of Hello Project.
    Takagi Maria and Monbu Ran (Matsuura Aya), Abe Chinatsu and Abe Natsuki (Abe Natsumi), Nanba Ann (Shibata Ayumi), etc. And I remember few other resemblances…Goto Mami, Yaguchi Rinka, Kago Airi, and Konno Saori, and so on…

    Above all, I recommend “Ayaya Kosu” of Monbu Ran and “Nacchi Kosu” of Abe Chinatsu. They both put on H!P-like costumes and sing songs in AV lol. It will be hilarious to watch them. And Abe Chinatsu’s works have interesting tytles. There are several other parodies of H!P works.

    But when it comes to cuteness, I’ll recommend Nanba Ann. She *really* resembles to the cutest person in H!P, Shibata Ayumi. She is one of the representative AV idol now.

  5. santos26 says:

    Oh, I was blind. You have already mentioned about Monbu Ran. Sorry Ray. But there are tons of look-alikes since the beginning of AV industry.. for example, “Fukaryon” Fukada “R”yoko lol.

  6. Wapiko says:

    Well, she’s always been a Jenna to me simply because of what I’ve heard about her being so big in Japan, but I know Oikawa Nao is mega-popular too. Her and Monbu Ran.

    Ahhhhh, idol lookalikes.

  7. Jarret says:

    While I dont’ actively watch AV, I do a little about it.

    I’m not sure why it’s not working right now, but Jmate is good place to check out.

    I know there was one AV idol named Goto Mami who claimed to be a look alike or Goto Maki, but I don’t see the resemblance at all.

    From what I understand, the AV industry, much like other enetertainment industries, has the big production companies and the ‘indie’ houses. One difference between them is the mosaic size; the big houses will generally have large mosaics, and they’ll be the same size in every major production. Indie productions generally try and reduce the mosaic as much a possible, and each indie house does so by a different amount.

    The indy houses also seem to be more adventurous in terms of genre. One AV actress, Anna Ohura (famous for her breasts and douvle ancestry) did ‘normal’ AV while emplyed by a major AV company, but did things like bondage when she was working with a indie.

    Though I haven’t actaully watched any of their products (yet?), I’d recommend the indie house Soft on Demand (and their labels, Natural High and Deep’s), the top indie AV house – they’re like the Avex of AV. Even though most of their products seem to be about ‘normal’ lesbian sex, they have many creative series that are far diffferent than your average AV. For example:

    Stop the Time – What would you do if you had a device that could stop time?
    The Zenra series – nude women competing in sports (and sometimes engaging in sex)
    Group Hynotism Convention
    A Study of Men’s Penis – They get a group of ‘innocent’ women to examine a penis more closely.

  8. Jarret says:

    Lots of spelling mistakes. Sorry!

  9. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions – and sorry to several of you who had your comments held up for a while. (I have my blog set to hold back for approval any comment with more than one link – and I didn’t notice any were waiting to be moderated until just now; anyway, it explains Santos’ and Jarret’s seemingly-cryptic comments that did go through right away…)

    I don’t know why, but a Nacchi lookalike AV idol does nothing for me, while the idea of a Shibata idol has me very, very, very interested. And she’s my least favorite of Melon Kinenbi! (Well, her and Megumi are tied.) What does that say about me…? I’m also intrigued by Bunko, though that may be becaused I still miss Womby’s torrent site…

    So right now, I’m thinking Nanba Ann, Monbu Ran, and Kanazawa Bunko are on my short list.

    And Jarret, is the Zenra series the same one that has that 3-disc nude taiko drum DVD? I read about that on Fleshbot a while back.

  10. Jarret says:

    Yeah, that’s part of it (here’s a link to the product at Jlist). They also have Zenra Ballet, and have recently came out with a Zenra Tai Chi.