Feed of Pop!

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It took almost a week to pull together even the bare bones of this project, but I’ve set up Feed of Pop, a Jpop feed aggregate.

For those unfamiliar with the idea, I’ve taken the feeds of several blogs that deal with Jpop and placed them together on one page. That way, readers have a central resource for finding some of the latest and most interesting writing about Jpop (not counting the scintillating banter on MM-BBS, of course).

If you have a blog, livejournal, or any other site with an RSS or Atom feed, I’d love to add you to the Feed of Pop aggregate. If you have a Jpop-themed site but no feed, I’d love to list you on the links page. The criteria for inclusion is simple: that your blog / journal / site deals with Jpop on a regular basis, and that it’s in English. For more information, please check this FAQ.

I don’t expect Feed of Pop to catch the English-speaking Jpop community by storm right away, but I’m hoping this becomes a useful resource and a way to expose Jpop fans to blogs and other sites they may not otherwise be aware of.