Doll’s Vox To Debut!

Filed in Cult of Pop 1.0

Wapiko mention this on the MM-BBS and of course it intrigued me tono end: a new girl idol group is debuting this week, called Doll’s Vox. The name is unfortunate, sounding both mildly kinky and clumsy at the same time. But what sets them apart – well, sorta – is that there are 24 girls in the group. Twenty-four! So that’s more than Bishoujo Club when they debuted, but not as big as Bishoujo Club now. It’s about half the size of Hello! Project but over the twice the size of the current Morning Musume line up. And while it’s three times larger than dream, it’s only fifty percent larger than 1st X-Mas.

And I read somewhere about an upcoming one-time-only idol group of 100 women and 4 men posing as women, but they don’t count because they’re just a marketing gimmick of some sort.

The individual pictures of the girls of Doll’s Vox are cute enough, though the photos could have just as easily been taken from audition head shots or a high school yearbook… Not that I want them all to wear horrendous orange jumpsuits the way Bishoujo Club 21 did on their debut PV, but you’d think their management would stress these girls are a group and have at least one group shot on the homepage.

Bets can now be placed on: how long this collective will last; the number of girls in the line-up for the second single (if they make it that far); which girl will go solo first; whether or not some kind of subgroup will form; which one eventually winds up an AV superstar. Okay, the last one isn’t likely, but what the heck. If Hasebe Yu can become a gravure idol, how long a shot can my idea be?

We’ve now got four pretty sizeable stables of girl idols that can be forced to combat one another deathmatch style. Hello! Project beats out all the others in size (unless Bishoujo Club recruited another dozen or so members), but I’m willing to bet Avex’s girl groups (dream, Hinoi Team, SweetS, Parago) woild be the most ferocious – as well as the most fashionably dressed. (That is, forgiving the occasional lapses into hooker-wear.) Sure, futsal now means that H!P and Avex (really, dream and some others) get to face off in sports once in a while, but we need more!

Something involving bloodshed, a culling of the girl idol field. Maybe have each stable do their own version of Battle Royale, and then have the four champions face off. It’d be cool to see Ishikawa Rika (you know she’s been training for it all these years) versus Tachibana Kana (the alpha female among the Avex girls) versus Beni Arashiro versus some Doll’s Vox girl. Much as I’d love to see Kana win at the end, Rika’s a lock for being the last idol standing.

It’s funny that the girl idol market is on the decline and yet these ultra-huge groups pop up, trying to recreate past glories and sales numbers. Maybe Doll’s Vox will click, “Love Machine” style. I doubt it, but you never know.