Can’t Get Enough of Hard Gay! Woooo!

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I just found an excellent article about geinou, talento, and Hard Gay in the Japan Times. It’s great reading, and points out the limitation of Hard Gay’s act – that is, he’s funniest when he’s helping people out (the term the article uses is yonaoishi, “social improvement”). The author, Philip Brasor, makes a clear distinction between geino and talento and how the longevity of a comedian’s career (or shtick, as the case may be) depends on how much one develops his gei (talent).

Also, if you can read Japanese, check out Hard Gay’s very own blog!


I can see that Wooo! getting tired real fast without the leather-shorts crotch thrust. I’ll try to keep it at a minimum from now on. (You really don’t want to see me in leather shorts.) But don’t let that stop your comments from Woooo-ing to your heart’s Hard Gay content!