And All Along I Thought Trekkies Didn’t Get Laid…

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Here’s a bit of weirdness worth noting: apparently, a “correlation” has been drawn between the original Star Trek and pedophilia, based on a study by the Toronto sex crimes unit. Further, Ellen Ladowsky of the Huffington Post suggests psychological reasons for such a link existing, drawing on motifs of the show.

This is all quite bizarre and I have severe doubts about the validity of any of these findings.

That said, I’ll also take a sick pleasure in reading enraged Trekkies defending themselves and the shows that they love – or even better, fans of spinoff series trying to distance themselves and these findings from the original show (which is the only one discussed in this brouhaha). You know, “Next Generation doesn’t encourage pedophilia. Orgies and bestiality, yes, but not pedophilia.”


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5 Responses to “And All Along I Thought Trekkies Didn’t Get Laid…”
  1. Mr. Spock says:

    May Irie Saaya live long and prosper.

  2. JPope says:

    You should stick to Huffington’s Toast instead.

  3. niji says:

    I never really did understand why Trekkies were so obsessed with Star Trek. The scripts were childishly horrible and the acting was horrendously uninspired. Whatever.

  4. awesome says:

    Then you can’t possibly understand.

  5. niji says:

    Bad comeback if you don’t say something about my comment being one person’s opinion. As it is, your comment makes no sense. 😉

    Peace! 🙂