Two Months of Maiko!

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Time for a new sheet on my Zone calendar, and it’s Maiko for July and August.

I’m tempted to say she’s my favorite member of Zone, but Zone is the one Jpop group where all the members could reasonably be argued as my favorite. Miyu’s the obvious choice as the center of the group and its rock diva. Tomoka’s the prettiest and most telegenic and the one who had a lot of catching up to do as the new member. Maiko’s the cutest and most engaging, the total sweetheart of the group. And Mizuho’s the craziest but also the one who made a startling transformation in the final weeks of the band, looking so temptingly mature and serene all of a sudden.

Well, I still miss them. I say it over and over in this blog, but it’s worth repeating. Now that we’re deep into summer, I sometimes find myself humming “H A N A B I” and its refrain, “kimi ga ita natsu”…