Sunday Afternoon Blog Roundup

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Once again my occasional push to have folks try out some other great blogs out there, if you aren’t already.

First, two new blogs I’ve discovered in recent weeks.

J-Pop CD Cover Art is just that, a collection of scanned CD cover art with some commentary. It’s fun to look at and you get a peek at another fan’s taste in Jpop.

And it’s been getting a lot of buzz, but I must recommend Old Grandma Hardcore – the title brings up all the wrong ideas (gleefully so, I’d bet) but it’s written by someone whose grandmother is a very dedicated gamer. It’s not only fun to read (and watch short videos) of his kindly old grandmother cursing like a sailor while playing Prince of Persia or Conker, but also to see the extent of knowledge and interest she’s invested in her hobby.

And while I’ve had it on the Favorite Blogs list a while, I haven’t mentioned that Story’s Goo Blog is a great resource for people wanting Jpop PVs on their PSPs. Someday soon, I’ll get a PSP and make full use of that site…

Idolizing St. Anna has several posts about the recent Girl’s Box concerts featuring Paradise Go!! Go!!, SweetS, and dream. The first post notes that dream’s Tachibana Kana had injured her arm playing futsal – hopefully, she’ll heal quickly and be ready to lead TeamDream the upcoming tournament.

undoing the mercator projection covers some odds and ends, including a very insightful assessment of Amuro Namie’s new album. Oh, and the last sentence of her two-sentence review of BoA’s “We + Girls on Top” performance is really funny. (Well, I laughed, at least.)

One last note, to Jarret of I’m bad at naming things: I know what a WaWa is, from back when I attended Cabrini College in Radnor, PA, over fifteen years ago. It was an integral source for my dormitory junk food habits. I also remember a rather pathetic comic shop at King of Prussia Mall, but that’s neither here nor there.