Paradise Go!! Go!! Adds New Members

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Okay, so now it’s: Rika, Natalie, Risa, Misaki, Kiyomi, Junko, Ayaka… Right?

Again, news from Idolizing St. Anna: confirming the rumors and apparent administrative foul-ups of recent weeks, Paradise Go!! Go!! has added two new members. They are Kotera Rika and Yoshida Risa, from the same talent studio as all the other girls, Caless. Rika is especially cute, so it’s not like I’m going to complain to have her on board.

The girls all look a lot tougher in the new photos for their next single, “Real Love” – sort of paramilitary meets high fashion, but not quite either. Ayaka looks real hot in a Mad Max kind of way, and Kiyomi is beyond gorgeous as usual.

I don’t think the newest line-up change is such a bad thing since Parago are still trying to make a name for themselves. But you don’t want to confuse your fan base before it’s even solidified. Luckily, Kiyomi and Misaki and Natalie are the apparent core of the group and should remain in the forefront in the coming months.

They need to still mold their own identity, brand their group in a unique way. The singles I’ve heard had been fun but still border on generic. If anything, the group distinguishes itself by dressing so damn well for their PVs and album covers. It’s a start, and I know they’ve got more to offer.