Jarret is So Full of Shit

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Just read a wryly self-aware, astoundingly insightful blog entry on I’m bad at naming things about Why do I want to go to Japan so much?. I rarely single out a single blog entry as mandatory reading, but this is pretty damn good. Do yourself a favor and read it now.

It makes me want to write about my own reasons for wanting to go to Japan – except, heyah, I don’t want to go. Rather than haul ass over the rest of the Pacific, I’d prefer friends (especially Harumi) and family (i.e., in-laws) visit us in Hawaii instead of the other way around. (They all feel the same way, too.) I guess I’m lazy like that.

As for why Jarret is so full of shit: he starts with the apology, “I’m bad at writing.”

Like hell he is. This boy deserves encouragement and he damn well better keep blogging after he gets to Japan.