Alo-Hello Shots On My Home Page

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I spent a good deal of yesterday working on my personal homepage, It was actually a satisfying process, as the site needed a serious overhaul (for starters, a sensible template and easier navigation) and now looks as snazzy as this blog. Well, it rips off the same basic design, at any rate.

For those who care nothing about my personal life – and I’m hoping that’s most of you – there is one point of interest on the site, and it’s the photos I’d taken of the Hello! Project Information Center at the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center. The eighteen photos and short videos cover the last six months of the Alo-Hello store from October 2004 to April 2005, when it closed.

On my last visit, I was told they may open a temporary store and museum display for when the chartered tours with Hello! Project performers come through Hawaii. I haven’t checked since then, but I probably should since it’s summer and an Alo-Hello tour should happen sooner or later.<