One Degree of Coconut Separation…

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Okay, so my wife is going to the beach with a couple of friends, one of whom I’d heard about but never met before. So they drop by the apartment and I’m talking to this person, explaining the Jpop theme of the walls, when he mentions that one of his students (he teaches Japanese and English) is “something of a celebrity in Japan”.

I ask who and he says, “Mika.”

And I say, “Mika Todd?”

That is, Mika Todd of Coconuts Musume and Minimoni. But of course, what other Mika could it be? This is Hawaii, for Christ’s sake!

Anyway, this person was surprised that I was aware of what Mika’s up to – studying music in Los Angeles, just released a solo jazz album – and that I had Minimoni CDs with her on the cover. Actually, earlier today I was watching the Green concert which features a Minimoni performance of “Jankenpyon”. I resisted the temptation to show him some Minimoni footage, that would’ve just been too much.

Apparently, he was teaching Mika Japanese when she was a sophomore in high school, right before she moved to Japan to be a part of Coconuts Musume.

And I thought, this is so cool. Living in Hawaii provides so many different ways of connecting to Hello! Project. This isn’t the first time I met someone who knew a Coconut, either. When I had a long-term assignment in Pearl City last year, one of my co-workers knew Lehua. Apparently, she’s now married and has a child.

Now I need to meet someone who knows Ayaka, and the trifecta will be complete.