I Hate Myself So Deeply Right Now…

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Dammit. My CD/DVD of SweetS’ “Mienai Tsubasa” came in to Hakubundo today and I was thrilled to pick it up…


But it’ll be a constant reminder that SweetS were here a few months ago (late March, if I recall right) and I didn’t see them. Not walking the streets of Waikiki, not around Iolani Palace, not even performing on the crappy stage at the center of Ala Moana shopping center. I could have been there and watched that, at least. But was I even aware it was happening?


That cracking sound is my heart breaking into a million pieces.


The song is growing on me – it’s not great, but it’s very solid and is a good showcase for the girls’ talents. And it’s good that the DVD has the PV for “Countdown” as well, a nice little extra I didn’t expect. I’m excited to hear what SweetS will do for the six months that Aki and Aya are gone, I’m willing to bet that they’ll go with a three-person line-up in the meanwhile, if only for one single.