Another Idol Lost To Education…

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Got the news from the ever-indispensable Idolizing St. Anna: Yuka of Paradise Go!! Go!! has left the group in order to focus on her high school studies.

I can’t say I’ll miss her, exactly, as I haven’t seen nearly enough of Parago and she wasn’t one of the leads. That said I thought she was cute and danced well and had a nice smile.

I’m not sure if I should admire or condemn the way idols sometimes decide they’d rather be well-learned than famous: Asuka of Morning Musume, Takayo and Mizuho of Zone… It goes against my American impulse of seizing the opportunity while it’s there. However, the sheer common sense is irrefutable, and they’re the ones who are going to have to live with themselves once their idol career inevitably fades. (Unless you’re Pink Lady or Matsuda Seiko, that is.)

So that makes two Parago members lost in the space of one year. Hopefully there won’t be auditions for a new member, the five-person line-up is still very distinctive and they’ve got the voices and looks they need.