Aki and Aya to Take Six Months Off From SweetS?

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Got this news from Idolizing St. Anna: SweetS seem to have announced that Aki and Aya will be taking time off from SweetS from September to April in order to focus on their high school entrance exams. Whether or not this means SweetS will be on hiatus for the entirety of those six months, I have no idea. Some immediate thoughts…

High School? Already? Good Lord, these girls are growing up fast. That whole rorikon thing from their earliest days actually seems like a quaint memory, now that it looks like they’re moving past grade school. Certainly, the new single shows the girls maturing their image and sound, and they’re shedding the overt schoolgirl innocence of recent singles – which to me smacked of an attempt to steer clear from the controversial Lolita image the group first started with. Now that some of the girls are entering high school, they seem a lot less dangerous for being just the slightest bit sexy. And aside from some unfortunate wardrobe choices, it isn’t as if the group ever showed too much skin or were too sensual in their presentation – it was the intimations, the allusions, that always put people off.

A temporary three-member version of SweetS would be cool. Aya has been splitting lead vocals with Haruna, but Haruna has proven herself capable and can easily carry the group if they decide to be a trio during these six months. Also, it’ll give Mai and Miori a chance to shine some, to take more of the spotlight than they’ve received up to now. I know that six months could be fatal for the group if they decide to be inactive – they’re just not that well-known and need to keep pushing themselves. And having a five-member group with two lead singers, it’s not necessary to go on hiatus completely. They’re now poised to be a major contributor to the Avex line-up – they’ve got more experience than Paradise Go!! Go!! and Hinoi Team, they’ve honed their sound and look. It’d be silly to screech to a grinding halt so suddently.

Are all the girls taking time off when high school approaches? I’m assuming if that happens, Haruna will take off next year, then Mai and Miori the year after. I have no clue what grades they’re all in – I’m a fan, not a freakin’ stalker.

Dammit, when is Bounceback returning? This has nothing to do with Aki and Aya’s temporary hiatus, but it’s a question I ask with every new single since “Love Like Candy Floss”. I actually don’t know if Bounceback are behind the new single, but it doesn’t sound like it – the song sounds like a potential anime opening theme, not the melodramatically charged R&B of earlier offerings. The last major contribution I heard from Bounceback is “Into the Daylight” but for me they’re the definitive team behind SweetS, the ones who defined the group with their best (and earliest) singles.

Great news, though: also according to Santos, the new single, “Mienai Tsubasa,” has ranked 21st on Oricon. Finally, the girls are getting the recognition they deserve! Now if only my copy will arrive from Hakubundo already…