Zone Clips 03 DVD

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Haven’t bought anything new in a while and writing about CD-DVD singles made me itchy. Went to Hakubundo after work and found none of the CD-DVDs I was in the mood for – latest singles by Otsuka Ai (just the CD version with no DVD), Dream, or Hinoi Team. However, I did find Zone Clips 03 – collecting all four PVs from the Tomoka era – and it was a first print with a “film bookmark”.

I couldn’t resist.

I’d apologize for the crap quality of these photos, but I decided to do it quick and dirty with my cel phone cam.

Here’s the other side of the DVD cover…

And here’s a couple of pages from the inside pamphlet, which includes photos of the girls and production sketches for each PV.

Last but not least, here’s the film bookmark – a see-through plastic bookmark made to resemble a film clip, with two group shots of Zone at the ends and individual shots of each girl in between. It’s actually pretty cool and I’ll be paranoid of losing it, so I guess it’s going to remain in the DVD case.

Watching even a little bit of the DVD made me tear up, especially “Egao Biyori”.

I still miss them to pieces.