Ishiguro Aya Marries Shinya Again

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Found a nifty blog entry on jrocknyc about ex-Musume Ishiguro Aya and her husband Shinya getting married again – this time at a temple. Apparently, they only had a civil ceremony the first time. Here’s the Yahoo! News link with this tiny photo of the two of them in kimonos.

Ishiguro is one of my favorite Musume, maybe even my all-time favorite. She left the group right after “Love Machine” became a huge hit and less than a year later married Shinya, the drummer of Luna Sea and an artist, after she became pregnant. Since then the happy couple have had two more kids, the other one just last year -around the same time Ichii Sayaka had her first baby, if memory serves me right. Aya’s written about her experience with motherhood in the book Kosodatte Project.