I Was THIS Close To Meeting SweetS… Sorta

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Just got my first look at the new SweetS PV and it’s set in Hawaii – in Waikiki, in Ala Moana, and I think the North Shore…

I could have met them! I’m working in Waikiki right now, frequently visit Ala Moana… My mind is racing, trying to figure out if I saw a camera crew tailing a bunch of Japanese girls, and nothing comes to mind.

I could have met them! Haruna and Aya and Aki and Mai and Miori.

Of course, the idea of rushing up to them and saying they’re the greatest idol group ever and I have their poster on my wall and all that would’ve probably frightened them and earned me a restraining order, so it’s probably for the best that I didn’t see them on the streets of Waikiki or in Macy’s.

Still… it’s disconcerting whenever I realize that an idol has been walking the same places I’ve been at recently. A month before moving to Hawaii, Morning Musume were in Waikiki to film a Hello! Morning episode. Matsuura Aya was apparently here earlier this year. And now SweetS…

I could have met them!

Anyway, a heavily screencapped examination of the PV will follow later this week.