Avex Girl Groups Get the CD-DVD Treatment (Including パラゴー !!!)

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パラゴー??? We’ll get to them in a moment.

I just found out that SweetS’ seventh single, “Mienai Tsubasa,” will be released on June 1st.

I absolutely can’t wait for it.

I love SweetS. There are many days when I think they’re more talented than any Hello! Project unit, than any other idol group around. That said, I haven’t liked SweetS’ last three singles as much as their first three – not by a wide margin – and will write about that sometime soon. While this doesn’t look like it’ll be a Bounceback song, my hopes are running high… based mostly on the image shift on the cover.

The cover shot for “Mienai Tsubasa” has the Penty Five looking much more mature than in recent outings and again sporting a bit of attitude (a good thing in their case). Haruna isn’t the only one showing off her legs – however, she’s changed her hair yet again. (I remember freaking out when she let her hair darken around “Grow Into Shinin’ Stars”… I still miss the long, straight, blond look.) The girls have gone from Rorikon irony to schoolgirl naivete to a teenaged summer heat.

The new CD single will have a version with a bonus DVD – something done for the first two SweetS mini-albums, as well as the last single, “Countdown”. That’s the version I’ll be hunting down, come hell or high water.

And interestingly enough, SweetS isn’t the only underage girl group on the Avex label that’s getting this treatment. Hinoi Team’s first single, Ike Ike is also a CD-DVD combo, and Paradise Go!! Go!! (also known as Parago or, in katakana, パラゴー) will have a CD-DVD combo for their next single in July.

The CD-DVD combo is absolute magic to me. I’ve been wanting Paradise Go!! Go!! PVs and to get the next one on DVD is music to both eyes and ears. As for Hinoi Team, I hadn’t heard of them until today on Idolizing St. Anna but am definitely interested. Hinoi Asuka is very enticing eye candy, so she could be leading her group through anything short of Yoko Ono cover songs and I’ll be buying it – just as long as they’re cute and sexy in their PVs.

But why all this special attention to underage girl groups? Does Avex know something? Are they sensing a trend? Or does it just happen to to be a case of good timing for all three?

I’m not complaining, mind you. Just curious.