“When the World Falls Apart, Some Things Stay In Place…”

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Listening to some non-Jpop music stored on my Xbox, I’m reminded of why Billy Bragg’s “Levi Stubbs’ Tears” is the greatest song ever. It’s about the redemptive power of music as well as one of the best examples of that redemption. The music is powerful – only Bragg’s guitar and distinctive cockney voice in the first half, then tambourines in one passage, then bongos and a horn at the end. This would be minimalist for most musicians, but for Bragg this was a huge sonic upheaval – it was just his voice and his guitar on his first two albums and Talking with the Taxman About Poetry was the big departure from that formula. (By the fourth album, Worker’s Playtime, the production was positively lush.)

It’s been a bad week on too many fronts – tax time, Humanoids shutting down, Alo-Hello shutting down, Mari leaving Momusu, and I’ve still got spirit-breaking deadlines I’ve been assiduously avoiding – but a good song helps me get through it.

Well, that and the hot wallpaper of Paradise Go!! Go!! I found on their website…