Two-Thirds of the Original Dream at A-Kon

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This is just way too cool – the remaining original members of Dream, Hasebe Yu and Tachibana Kana, will appear at this year’s A-Kon in Texas to perform their songs. The remaining members of the current line-up are presumably staying at home, fearing for their jobs if this two-person version of Dream works out.

Okay, probably not. (And really, the likely reason it’s only Yu and Kana is because bringing all the girls would have been four times more expensive.) But I’m sure I’m not the only one hearing this who thinks, “Why didn’t Avex just go with this duo instead of adding six new members after Mai left?”

To be absolutely fair, I like the new single from the current Dream line-up, “Soyokaze no Shirabe”. The PV is clever and cute, the song itself is feel-good if not particularly distinctive. The choreography on the PV reminds me of SweetS, making me wonder if they’ve also been working with Amuro Namie’s ex-husband SAM.

But I still can’t tell who’s who of the new members… and don’t feel the urge to sort them out, just yet.

In contrast, I can already name most of the girls in Paradise Go!! Go!!.