Seven Reasons to Love Paradise Go!! Go!!

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Avex has just released the third single for their new girl group, Paradise Go!! Go!!, “Faraway”. We should all pay attention because this is proof of the group’s greatness. But if you need more details of why you should give in to Parago worship…

1. Look at the cover! That cover for the single is hot. And I’m not the type of person to use the word “hot” in that sense, but it’s the only word to describe it. You’ve got the over-ventilated white shirts (which I originally thought were dresses), the tough-girl poses of the four to the left contrasting to the sunnier dispositions of the two girls on the right, the fishnet fingerless gloves which defies all sense… the over-ventilated white shirts…

2. Natalie (the girl all the way to the left) looks more like an Asiatic young Sandra Bernhard than a goofy teenage girl on that cover. In other photos I’ve seen, she looks cute but doesn’t immediately draw the eye. Here she looks mad, bad, and dangerous to know.

3. The group uses two exclamation marks after each Go. It’s not doubly exciting or anything, but it takes a lot of guts to run with such a hyperbolic punctuation decision.

4. Like SweetS, they’ve got ties to fashion designer Penty’s.

5. Kiyomi looks like a cross between Takahashi Ai and Fujimoto Miki. And not just on that cover, either.

6. Though none of the girls look model perfect, they use their quirks well and can easily be distinguished from one another. One look and I know who’s who: Misaki, Natalie, Kiyomi, Yuka, Junko, Ayaka. That alone gives them a huge advantage over Bishojo Club and the new Dream.

7. There’s apparently a seventh member on the first two singles, meaning the group’s already had line-up changes and this single is the first time we’re seeing the new Paradise Go!! Go!!. I doubt I could have sorted through seven members as easily as six, I think there’s some kind of threshold my slowly deteriorating mind can’t handle. (Still can’t sort the eight members of Berryz Koubo, after all.)

I know it’s wrong to get excited about a group’s image without listening to their music, but nothing’s come down the torrent pipeline since I first noticed the group… oh, three or four days ago. A snippet of “Faraway” is available on the independent Parago site, as well as samples of their first two singles, and it sounds like typical Avex Trax fare. Nothing Bounceback distinctive but nothing embarassing either.

That said, they’ve definitely got my attention now.

And yes, I know that makes me shallow. And while I’ll say in my defense that I at least know what my priorities are, they’re shallow priorities at best.