Pony Canyon Posse Looks Out For Each Other

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Bishoujo Club 31’s Fukuda Saki’s debut single will be the opening theme for Attack No. 1, a new volleyball-themed TV show starring Ueto Aya. Bishoujo Club and Ueto are both on the Pony Canyon label – and as I noted, it looked like the Club were backup dancers for Ueto’s Kouhaku performance this year. So it looks like the label makes an effort to look out for its own, much like any other record label.

First off, I love Ueto Aya. Just a couple nights ago I watched her idol DVD, which perfectly encapsulates her screen persona: goofy and fun-loving and sexy when she decides to be. I don’t enjoy her singing as much as her acting in shows like Koukou Kyoushi 2003 and Ace wo Nerae (I’ve only seen two episodes of that, however). So she’s gone from chasing a teacher to playing tennis to playing volleyball… And on Azumi (something else I’ve yet to see), she waves around a sword.

Second, I’ve been on the fence about Bishoujo Club since I saw their first single, “Da Di Da” something something. When they were just 21 members, that already meant there were too many to keep track of and become familiar with. (There was a pretty cool memory / matching game intended to help the process, but not knowing Japanese meant I couldn’t places name to faces.) Then they added 10 more members and any attempt to differentiate becomes that much more of an uphill battle. I used to think I suffered from minna-lag when watching Momusu videos, but with the Bishoujo Club it’d be a positive headache.

None of the Club’s songs have really stood out, though “Tokyo Gourmet Tour” had a cute PV, but going solo has helped Beni Arashiro stand out from the crowd. I’m hoping Fukuda is, like Beni, one of the more talented singers in the collective and will deliver a fun Jpop confection, if nothing else.