7.5 Gen Chosen!

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I just found out about 12-year-old Kusumi Koharu becoming the 7.5 Gen addition to Morning Musume on Idolizing St. Anna ten minutes ago, spent five minutes yelling “Fuck!” in disbelief, two or three minutes explaining to my wife why this is a disaster…

What are the five steps of grief?


I somehow hopscotched to Acceptance and figure, what the hell – she’s in Morning Musume now, might as well love her and hope that Tsunku knows what he’s doing. If I can learn to like Sayumi, I can certainly give this 12-year-old a chance to grow and blossom into… well, something better than she is now.

I don’t think she’s an Ace, but look at how Tsuji grew, and Konno… if anything, Morning Musume is a place for the seemingly hopeless to prove themselves.

(Whoops – I may still be in denial there.)