New Stuff at Alo-Hello!

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When the building where I’m currently working had to evacuate (fire alarm of some sort), I ended up walking across the street to the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center to visit the Alo-Hello Store. Turns out they have new photo sets available with all the H!P girls (even Inaba Atsuko)! When I asked, the clerk who rang me up told me that he thinks it came in over the weekend, which means that evacuation was great timing.

So, having very limited finances, I picked up the most important and essential additions to my H!P collection: four-photo sets of Kago Ai and Tsuji Nozomi. They’re in their white dresses from “Koi no Fugue” and look adorable as always. The new Morning Musume photo sets don’t include Iida Kaori, who has her own solo set – so at last, the new line-up of eleven is recognized. If I can, I’ll try to buy all the photo sets before they’re changed again (or sold out).

Also, the “My Dear Boy” outfits were taken down and a range of Matsuura Aya outfits were on display. I don’t know if this means an Ayaya Alo-Hello shoot is happening sometime soon, but one can only hope.

Photos of the redecorated store will be taken and posted eventually.