Kago-chan’s Family

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The strange audience reaction from W’s appearance on Samma no Mamma was about Kago’s parents. They married at 17, had Aibon maybe a year later and Kago’s mother is now 35. I sort of suspected this was the topic, as I heard “otosan” and “okasan” and a number in the teens was repeated several times (I thought it was 13, which really puzzled me). Also, I found out from an earlier talk show appearance that Kago has several siblings, one of whom was about a year old, so that meant her parents were still quite young.

Knowing that Kago-chan’s mother and I are the same age doesn’t quite dampen my desire for Kago, if only because I’m fully aware that this desire is not realistic in any way. (Besides, if there were any teen idol desires that should leave me disturbed, it would be SweetS…)

That said, I can’t help but wonder how attractive Kago-chan’s mother is. I mean, I already find myself attracted to women in their forties and even fifties. So a woman of thirty-five is certainly worth paying attention to… especially if she’s responsible for Kago-chan’s genes. Is she la belle mere sans merci?