Morning Musume’s 7th Generation

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Just downloaded this week’s Hello! Morning with the Lucky 7 audition’s results… and, with Barb’s translation help, discovered that none of the six finalists have made it into Morning Musume.

I don’t know what to think of it, exactly… but I’m optimistic.

I was excited at the prospect of new blood coming into the group – quite frankly, my interest has waned considerably with Tsuji and Kago’s departure. (I’ve easily spent four, five times as much on W items than I have on Momusu these past six months.) It would’ve been fun to have seen a new Goto Maki that can rejuvenate the group – and perhaps even steal center stage from the more experienced Momusu. Each generation before has seemed to signal a new shift in perspective for the group, the most radical being the singular addition of Goto Maki as the third generation.

On the other hand, Tsunku not choosing anybody for 7th Gen seems to be for the best. It keeps MM stable – though admittedly, MM isn’t known for stability in its line-up – and will give the group a chance to focus on their current roster. I expect Konno and Reina to become more central figures in the coming months, along with Miki and Takitty.

It does disappoint me because there were a couple of cuties who I would’ve loved to see as part of the Hello! Project. And it IS a bit anti-climactic, once the shock of Tsunku’s decision passes. (Tsunku’s unpredictability, though, is reinforced yet again.) But I think MM will come out stronger for this. Seeing a pared-down Momusu of 10 by this summer makes me hope that there are new glory days to match the past ones…

Though songs like their new single, “Manpower,” seem intent on proving me wrong.

*sigh* It ain’t easy being a Morning Musume fan.