Yamapi – Que Sera Sera PV preview


The PV preview for Yamapi’s upcoming new single, Que Sera Sera, was recently released.

I have to say as someone who is, and has always been, only a casual fan of Yamapi whenever he releases something I never have high expectations for it. Not to say that I think his music is going to be terrible, but Yamapi has always had a mix of great music and terrible music. I just remain completely indifferent towards him. If his music is good that’s fine, and if it’s bad, well, that’s fine too. This is nothing new really while he was in NEWS I only payed attention to him for his looks. Even now I only watch performances and concerts because among all the Johnny’s he’s the one most comfortable with taking his shirt off. And I of course appreciate whatever little fanservice Johnny’s throws our way.

Well, enough about dead fish eyes himself, and more about this song and PV. I actually forgot to make a post about the preview of this song, so I’m going to do it now.

I’m actually really happy with the song. Since switching over to Warner Music his music as a whole has been getting increasingly better. Supergood, Superbad was forgettable, but some of the songs on Ero were almost too good to miss. And as for singles, I actually think Que Sera Sera might actually be my favorite single by him ever. Initially when I heard about this song it did cut like a knife at the still unhealed wounds of Aicle’s disbandment. But once I listened to the song I was actually really impressed.

It’s got a really interesting instrumental. That I’m not exactly sure how to describe it. It’s got this subtle dark and eerie Jrock sound to it that I absolutely love. Something that old school Ayabie or THE KIDDIE would release. Tell me it doesn’t sound like a  toned down version of Ayabie’s Cubic’ [L/R] ock mixed with like the THE KIDDIES’s The Black Side. Maybe even with a dash of Japanese Low-res Caramel Town mixed in for good measure. (Sorry for all the Jrock references in this post that my readers might not get. All the songs I mentioned are quality, so listen to them if your interest is peaked enough.)

After reading the translation I like how the song itself also has a slightly dark themed lyrics, but in a fun way. Kind of like the playfullness and dark undertones of Tommy Heavely6’s songs. Who I’m a gigantic fan of by the way. I’m just really impressed with the song overall.

Moving on to the PV, I’m equally impressed with it. For starters Yamapi looks gorgeous in it. A lot better than he’s looked in his previous Warner Music PVs. He’s wearing a rockish outfits that looks like something Daigo might wear. I think it’s the fingerless glove that makes my mind immediately go to Daigo.

The PV itself is just visually stunning. It’s got this dark fairytale theme going on with dancing mushrooms, people dressed as rabbits, and a real lion. I’m just really blown away by it. The PV is almost like a mix of Misono’s VS PV and Kyary’s Tsukema Tsukeru PV. It’s just a really cool PV so far.

Yamapi-Love Chase PV preview

The PV preview for Yamapi’s 2nd solo single since leaving NEWS, Love Chase, has recently been released.

Am I the only one who thinks it’s hilarious how little effort is being put into Yamapi’s career post NEWS. Well, PV wise anyway. I don’t care enough to know if he’s doing concerts or appearances. He leaves NEWS just to have this medicore solo career. And it’s not even like he’s doing more once he left NEWS. His solo singles are being released just as frequently as when he was a part of NEWS, and he was in a drama. Pretty much just like he would be doing with NEWS. Sorry, but I’ll never stop being bitter about this.

But moving on to the topic at hand, I have to admit I actually do like his solo singles. But it’s more of a love/hate thing. His singles are really danceable and catchy. However, no matter how much he’s been pushing himself into the role, his voices has never suited dance music. He’s better suited for soft ballads. So, he’s in this weird place where the overall sound of his music is good but he’s voice sounds out of place. At least for me anyway.

And his PVs aren’t much better. This PV so far looks just awful. It’s basically nothing but Yamapi dancing in different outfits, sometimes with a girl, on a plain gray backdrop. Really cutting edge there Warner. There is absolutely no effort in this PV at all. It seems like the director is just hoping you won’t care boring the PV is and just focus on the fact that there’s 3 Yamapi’s.

And I might me able to if his new haircut wasn’t so hideous. It looks fine went it’s styled a bit, but when it’s just laying flat it’s terrible. And the outfits he’s wearing aren’t helping much either. One of them looks like he’s ready to play golf or teach high school English. The other one is him in a trenchcoat. Which is ridiculous because no one wears them indoors unless they’re Columbo. And the last outfit is supposed to be the idol outfit for the fans. Since he’s wearing an effeminate parka and a skin tight shirt. Which I do admit I kind of like. Except for the ripped pants.

I’ve just so over Yamapi to be honest. When he was in NEWS he was never anything more than the guy who could sing and was eyecandy. That hasn’t really changed much now, except you add the animosity I still have towards him.

Yamapi-Ai, Texas PV preview

Recently a PV preview for Yamapi’s upcoming new single, Ai, Texas, was released.

After watching the PV preview I have mixed feeling about the PV. The first half of the PV preview shows Yamapi walking in front of some really cheap and poorly done GC backgrounds. You should never watch a PV and have your first impression be, “Well, that’s obviously fake.” The PV also doesn’t have any dance scenes so Yamapi makes up for that with some really ridiculous hand movements. I was literally waiting for him to throw up the Daigo cross rock hands, but then I remembered that was Tegoshi’s thing.

The PV isn’t really all bad, towards the end of the preview we see Yamapi in a bar setting. It’s not really super interesting, but I actually couldn’t tell that it was fake. And I do like the filter effects on that scene. It reminds me a lot of his Hadakanbo PV. And of course he’s looking as gorgeous as ever. But he really needs to work on his English, I had no idea he was saying don’t you think so until I watched this video. Perhaps he should spend time actually studing English with his random French chick.

Yamapi-Ai, Texas preview

Recently the full radio rip for Yamapi’s upcoming singles Ai, Texas was released.

I’m really surprised with the way that this song sounds. It’s so not like something Yamapi would make. And not even because lately he’s been releasing electronic dance music. The song is just so unYamapi, if that even makes sense. It just doesn’t really fit his voice. But I actually do really love the overall sound of the song. The music is this very soft sort of ballad like rock music. But the whole reason I love the music is because it sounds like something Buono would do. It sounds fairly similar in style to Take It Easy by Buono or even 1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou. (and yes, I am well aware that Buono’s version is a cover.) Also the last line’s of each verse where he changes the pitch and extends the lines sounds exactly like what Momoko does at the end of her lines in the verses of Buono’s Independent Girl.

But, I think the chorus of this song throws off the flow of the song entirely. It’s one of the only times in a song where the chorus isn’t the best part. It just sounds really awkward. There’s this weird echo effect on his voice that makes it sound really odd and creepy. And the same time it makes the chorus sound super serious and corny.

But favorite part of this song by far is Yamapi’s speaking parts. I’m just a sucker for when he speaks in songs. His speaking parts have always been my favorite parts of NEWS’s Bambina and Akaku Moyuru Taiyou. What can I say, Yamapi has a hot voice.

Yamapi to release first official solo single

It was announced that Yamapi will be providing the theme for his upcoming drama Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata~Ending Planner~. The single will be titled Ai, Texas and will be released later this spring by Waner Music Japan. This will mark his 5th solo single overall, but also his first single since leaving NEWS and becoming officially solo. I guess that means his meetings with Warner Music had nothing to do with him debuting in America, but just securing his solo career in Japan. Which is awesome to be honest. I cannot imagine him in the US at all.

I knew Yamapi’s next single would be announced anyday now, but I really wasn’t expecting it to be this soon. And I really didn’t want him to release something before NEWS does. But I guess I should have been expecting it. Since Hey! Say! JUMP’s still unconfirmed new single, Super Delicate, is going to be the theme to Ryosuke’s and Yuto’s drama Risou no Musuko, and AKB48’s new single announcement didn’t mention anything about this drama, that only left Yamapi. This news is completely bittersweet. On one hand I’m still not over the whole NEWS fiasco, but on the other I am still excited for another Yamapi single. I really do like Yamapi’s voice and his solo releases are good. His solo singles anyway, his solo album was terrible.

But the title of the single doesn’t really sit right with me. It’s completely random and makes absolutely no sense. What is so exciting about Texas honestly? There’s not really anything spectacular enough to write a Japanese song about it. Maybe he’ll film the PV in Texas and use this as some sort of cross-promotion for his new show Route 66. It seems like the most logical answer.

NEWS-Color review

NEWS’s 3rd full length album Color was released on November 19th. So here’s my review of the CD. This is my first CD review so I hope it’s good. >_< color=”#006600″>

Track 1: Weeek
I’m sure just about every NEWS /Jpop fan has heard this song before, since it was the first single of the album. This is actually the first song I heard by NEWS so it remains one of my favorite songs by them. Aside from that, this song is very upbeat and happy. The lyrics don’t really go deeper than surviving each day. But the song is really catchy and really fun. And it was number one on the Oricon for 3 weeks or so.

Final rating: 8/10

Track 2: Stardust
At first listen this song doesn’t immediately blow me away. The song is a little generic and forgettable. But the lyrics are pretty, but no one’s voice really stands out. The singing seems bland and boring. Only in the upbeat chorus does it sound like they really tried. This song is good but you shouldn’t go out of your way to listen to it. This song lies somewhere in the middle.

Final rating: 6/10

Track 3: Summertime
NEWS’s 2nd single from on this album. I was defiantly in love with this when this single came out. Mostly because it put me in that fun loving summer mood. But now that it’s no longer summer the song kinda lost the spark that made it appealing. I’m sure I’ll listen to it nonstop in the summer, but the rest of the year not so much. And the lyrics are cute. Who doesn’t want a summer love? And the KoyaShige rap is the best part.

Final rating: 7/10

Track 4: Snow Express
I have been waiting for what seems like forever for this to have an official release. Snow Express is defiantly a fan favorite song, and unlike Summertime the song is listen able in all seasons. Because the song is just that good. And Tegoshi’s and Yamapi’s voices are heart melting in this song.

Final rating: 9/10

Track 5: Forever
This song is very soft and sweet. I can see fangirls going crazy over this song in concert. It’s so cute, wanting to be with someone forever. Because a future without them has no meaning at all. I always fall for New’s love songs cause they are usually so sweet. Also a good chunk of this song is in English. And no surprise TegoMass’s English is the best. It looks like the English version of Miso Soup paid off. As for Yamapi let’s just say he’s needs to brush up on his English skills.

Final rating: 9/10

Track 6: MOLA
Yamapi’s solo song! *faints and dies* This song is sung ENTIRELY in English and all I can say is wow. The lyrics are a bit much. Here are some of the lyrics. “Taste me like you used to I’m ready now” “We’re gettin’ deeper & deeper I’m outta control” “I’ll make you wanna shout just like oh ooo oh ooo” The also used some techno effect over his voice so you can hear how bad his English is. Much like how Kyo, from Dir en grey, would scream every song or line that was in English. And I laughed a bit when Yamapi said shorty and booty. XD

Fangirl Rating: 10/10

Track 7: Kesenai
Tegoshi solo song? Or Tegoshi featuring Ryo and Shige. I can’t really tell if this song is truly a solo song with Ryo and Shige randomly stuck in for backup/harmonies. Or it’s legitimately supposed to be all 3 of their song but Tegoshi just gets to sing practically the whole song. Like it was in Ai Nante. Either way this song is boring and far too slow for my taste. I can’t stand ballads for the most part. Tegoshi always picks terrible solo songs, if this is even a solo song. XD Even the lyrics are boring. And it’s kinda creepy to keep someone’s message on your answering machine.

Final rating: 4/10

Track 8:Ordinary
Ryo solo song! Words can’t describe how much I love Ryo. >_< His voice sounds great in this song. But I’m afraid this song is a bit ordinary. I love the background music to it, it’s very danceable. But the song it’s self falls a little flat. Though the lyrics are so sweet. The lyrics vaguely remind me of Alice Nine’s White Prayer. “Adding color to this boring today” reminds me of “That the world which was dyed grey isn’t real” that’s kind of similar. Just a little bit. But because it’s Ryo he gets extra point. :]
Final rating: 8/10 if someone else sang it 5/10

Track 9:Minna ga Iru Sekai wo Hitotsu Ai wo Motto Give & Take Shimashou
This is the upbeat kinda NEWS song I love. The background music makes it sound like it could be the opening theme to an anime. And at first listen the vocal effects to the chorus surprised me a little, coming off as weird. And Keii’s vocals sounds weird as a whole in this song. I really love how Massu sounds in it. And the first time in a NEWS song Yamapi’s vocals in this song are completely over looked as being the best. The lyrics are mediocre but I still love this song.

Final rating: 8/10

Track 10:Mura Risuto
Another KoyaShige song! I love how their songs are always perverted. First it was looking up a skirt and now it’s looking down a shirt. This song is so perverted and hilarious. And in some odd way I love it! Just like I couldn’t stop listening to Chirarizumu when I first heard it. Haha. But I wonder what could be the follow up to this song?

Final rating: 9/10

Track 11:Taiyou no Namida
NEWS ‘s 3rd single on this album. I always really liked this song because it was slow but still upbeat. And the lyrics were meaningful and trying to be deep. Overall there’s not much else to say about this song. The vocals are good and the songs good. But of course it was, it was a single after all.

Final rating: 7/10

Track 12:Smile Maker
I always love when Yamapi raps because he sounds cute and is the best member at rapping. I’m not sure if I like that the whole song is like rap singing. But I am also pleasantly surprised at how ever one else’s rapping sounds. Because at their Tokyo Dome concert some of them sounded terrible rapping. As for this song Shige actually sounds the best. I think the song is very inspiring. Keep a smile on your face in tough times.

Final rating: 7/10

Track 13:Happy Birthday
NEWS ‘s 4th and most recent single off this album. I’ve been addicted to this song since it came out. I just love the way the song is sung. And the chorus is amazing. The lyrics are very cute. I love how in News song they sing it as if they are singing just to you. And it feels that way in this song. And Ryo starts and ends the song that alone is awesome enough.

Final rating: 8/10

Track 14:Fly Again The final track on the regular edition album. This song is too boring again. Shouldn’t they have tried to go out with a bang? This time it has nothing to do with the fact that it’s kinda slow. The music just sounds flat. And the singing is mediocre. But the lyrics of this song are inspiring too. But this song just doesn’t do anything for more. This song too is forgettable.

Final rating: 5/10

Track 15: The final track on the limited edition album. How bittersweet. And yet this song is slow too. I don’t understand ending an album with a slow song. Ballads don’t keep my attention for long. And aside from the chorus I honesty only half paid attention to it. This song is sugary sweet though. Just as expected. “A love of eternal colors” It’s cute I guess.

Final rating: 6/10

I guess I didn’t expect writing an album review would take so long. All in all, I think this a defiant buy if your a NEWS fan. Even if you’re not a NEWS fan I’m sure you’d enjoy this album too. I don’t think the bonus song along is good enough to really make you want the limited edition. But I’m sure the 32 page book is.

Otanjobi omedetou!

I couldn’t really contain my excitement when I found out NEWS’s new PV was out. The song is obnoxiously catchy. (obnoxious in a good way of course) The members sound so adorable when singing the words happy birthday.

The song as a whole is really good. I love the beat. And I love how it like rap singing. I think Ryo’s solo in the beginning was really good. But Shige’s solo lines blew me away. That’s exaggeration just a little, but I was really impressed. He has improved so much. I used to think of him as the worst singer in NEWS. But now he sounds less terrible and pretty good. I think it’s because Shige’s voice is more suited for certain songs. He shines in Change The World and Sayaendou but lacks vocally ability for songs like Weeeek or Bambina. That’s just my opinion of course.

The PV to me is kind of lackluster. They have had much better videos. I guess after Summer Time’s video I was just expecting more. I find it kind of stupid/annoying that just because birthday=presents everything they hold, and practically everything in the video is a box. I mean is that really necessary. But their are pluses to the video. I love the dance for the song in the middle of the video. I also love when Ryo throws the boxes in the air. Another good part of the video is I think I have finally gotten used to Shige as a blonde, he looks cute with it in the video. But I will miss Tegoshi as a blonde. And it will take a while to get used to Ryo’s and Yamapi’s hair. Hopefully they will change next PV.

Happy Bath Day to you!

NEWS will be releasing a new single entitled Happy Birthday on October 1st. It will be used in the promotion of Kose’s bath products. The photo advertisement was apparently shot months ago. I wonder how long this was planned? Anyway, in the commercial there is a minute preview of their next single. It’s more of a sweet ballad and completely different from their last single Summer Time. What I can hear of the song sounds good, so I am excited to see the video.

Now let’s look at it through the fangirl side of me. When I watch the commercial the first thing that comes to mind is what happened to their hair. I hate when Yamapi’s hair is styled like that. He’s had that hair before and I personally don’t like it. Also Shige is now a blonde. He looked much better as a brunette. They didn’t really do much to Ryo’s hair, it just looks like they cut it a little. But they styled it so it has this annoying flip thing on the side. I’m glad they didn’t change Ryo’s hair much. He just got over his ugly hair phase. XD As for the rest of NEWS their hair is pretty much the same. Except Keii’s hair is styled slightly different.