Tasaki Asahi’s debut makes me want to write her off already

It was recently announced that the winner of Up Front’s recent audition, Tasaki Asahi, was going to be making her solo debut under the Satoyama Movement. The PV for Tegami off her double A-side single, Tegami/Rolling Days, has been released. 

I actually had no intention of covering this idol on my blog, but
Chii suggested I review the PV and here we are.

Let me start off by saying I do not like the song at all. I think Asahi has an amazing voice, but the song is so soft and slow paced that’s it’s completely bland. And it’s sad because Asahi has an amazing voice that’s somewhat being wasted on this song. This song literally sounds like something ManoEri would have released in the beginning of her career. And we all know how I’ve always felt about ManoEri’s early stuff. It took me years to slowly start to like it. And it doesn’t really help that this girl plays the piano too. I know that Erina is leaving pretty soon, but do they really need a replacement this quickly?

As for the PV, I’m afraid I don’t really have nice things to say about it either. This PV even screams old Mano PVs. Tell me this PV doesn’t look like a mix between Kono Mune no Tokimeki wo and Otome no Inori? The PV also reads like any other ManoEri PV with a heavy focus on the piano and several close-ups of her playing. The only real difference seems to be that ManoEri seemed to used a white piano or keyboard most of the time and Asahi is using a black one. Wow, so different. It doesn’t feel like I’m watching the same artist at all!

The rest of the PV is extremely somber. It’s even shot with a grungy camera filter to give an extra burst of gloom. But then sometimes in the PV she’ll be filmed in natural light and suddenly the PV is happy again. I guess she’s only sad when she’s playing the piano.

I really wish I had something more interesting to say about this PV, but literally nothing happens in it. The entire PV consists of her either playing the piano or just sitting there looking off longingly into the distance. Oh I’m sorry, I’m being mean. I can’t forget about the heartbreaking scenes where she’s drinking coffee or flipping through a book. UFP really knows how to pull at your heart strings.

Also, what I think is really funny for a song called letter she’s hardly ever seen actually writing the letter. Maybe for about all of 30-45 seconds in the PV. Since it’s most likely a love letter there’s a lot they could have done with that theme. Show her struggling to find the right words. Have her crumble up letters that aren’t good enough. Have her write in a more convincing place like her bedroom, because no one goes to an abandoned warehouse to play the piano and write a letter. I don’t know just something! Give me something more than her just sitting there.

I also don’t really get why there are 3-4 of her. It’s probably representing her inner anguish or she’s stepping back from herself to look and asses all of her emotions. I don’t really know. To be honest I never really try to look for deeper meanings behind videos. But the personas did seem to disappear whenever she was sad. Or appear when she was writing the letter. So, I suppose all those times she was looking off into the distance she was actually thinking about her emotions or memories. That’s about as philosophical about it as I’m gonna get about it. 

I don’t think the “deep meaning” behind the PV is clear enough. The way they tell the story is extremely weak. If you can’t immediately tell that there’s a story going on there, then honestly that’s a definite minus for me. The PV is so cheaply made that I feel absolutely no attachment to the underlined “message” it’s trying to convey.

Oh, piano playing. I’m bored already.

Nice shoes.

What a sad setting.

Or not. You blink and suddenly the camera filter changes.

Wait, is she a ghost? Or is this an outer body experience? Is that supposed to show her inner self examining herself? Just why are there 2 of them now?

I do have to admit Asahi is really pretty.

Cute smile.

Yeah, you write that letter.

She’s stares of into space a lot. I guess maybe she’s supposed to be thinking or something. I don’t know.

Ok, now there’s 3 of them.

Doesn’t she know she’s too late to be in Kikka’s PV?

What are you reading there?

Maybe ManoEri will know?

It looks like she just tried to turn to someone and say something. But she’s alone. Maybe she was hoping to get one of her other personas.

Now they’re just messing with me.

Of course you’re cold, you’re sitting in an abandoned warehouse.

Hey, the song is called tegami not shashin.

Not sure why it’s necessary to have a close-up of her neck, but I’ll just go with it. 

Why so sad? Is it because your clones blinked out of existence?

Oh, I spoke too soon.

At least they’re really focusing on the letter now.

But this is literally all I thought of.

“That was hilarious, I should tell someone.”

“Lol nope. I’m alone.”

Infectious smile.

Literally the most interesting pare of the entire PV.

Why is she playing so intensely, this isn’t Phantom of the Opera.